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    Terms and Restrictions

    • Greenbrier Journal reserves the right to terminate any advertisement for any reason without refund.
    • Advertisements are to promote local businesses and events within Greenbrier County, surrounding counties are permitted.
    • Advertisements operate on random rotation. 
    • GIF images. That flash rapidly, that could trigger seizures are prohibited.
    • Adult advertisements for escort services or pornographic material are prohibited.
    • Website that contain illegal downloads or illegal activity are prohibited.
    • Any questions regarding advertising contact support before purchasing.
    • Price subject to change based on supply and demand. 
    • When an advertisement is active. You should automatically receive subscribers benefits.
    • Advertisement may not be visible to staff and subscribers.
    • Advertisement should be visible to unregistered users and members.

    We cannot guarantee website traffic; however, site traffic varies based on the stories we report. Some stories are more popular than others. On average, I would say we receive 100 visitors daily. There have been some days when we had well over 1000 users, depending on the stories we have published. Our site is slowly growing in popularity, and we have new users signing up every week.


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