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  • Delegate Jeff Campbell Delivers Legislative Update

    In a bustling week at the West Virginia House of Delegates, numerous bills were advanced as the 60-day regular legislative session hit its midpoint. Among the highlights were commendations for exceptional service, expansions of crucial programs, and measures aimed at supporting vulnerable populations.

    Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 was embraced by the House, recognizing the outstanding contributions of three nominees for the Medal of Valor, an esteemed accolade reserved for those exhibiting exceptional bravery and dedication in their roles as first responders. The honorees, including individuals from the West Virginia State Police and local emergency services, were celebrated for their selfless acts in the line of duty.

    House Bill 5127, spearheaded by Economic Development and Tourism Committee Chairman Gary Howell, received overwhelming support. The bill seeks to extend the reach of the state's "Learn and Earn" program, facilitating valuable internship opportunities at WVU Potomac State College. This initiative not only benefits students by providing hands-on experience but also bolsters the workforce by nurturing a pool of skilled professionals.

    In a unanimous decision, House Bill 5179, known as "Jaycie's Law," made significant strides in supporting pregnant and parenting students. The legislation mandates robust assistance from the West Virginia Department of Education, ensuring these students can continue their education while balancing the demands of parenthood. By providing essential accommodations such as excused absences and academic support options, the bill aims to empower these individuals to pursue their educational goals without compromising their familial responsibilities.

    Another critical measure, House Bill 4933, garnered unanimous support, addressing the financial barriers faced by many West Virginians in accessing dental care. By excluding dentures from the current Medicaid limit, the bill removes a significant obstacle for individuals in need of essential dental prosthetics, thereby improving their quality of life and overall health.

    With over 1,500 bills introduced in the House thus far, the legislative agenda remains robust and diverse. While 86 bills have successfully passed the full House, only twelve have completed the legislative process, highlighting the ongoing deliberative nature of the session.

    As the deadline for bill introductions approaches and the session draws nearer to its conclusion in March, Delegate Jeff Campbell and his fellow legislators continue their diligent work in shaping policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of the people of West Virginia.

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