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      In a message to the citizens of West Virginia, Attorney General Patrick Morrissey extended warm wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving. Embracing the spirit of the season, Morrissey emphasized the importance of gratitude and reflection during this special time of the year.
      "Hey, it's Attorney General Patrick Morrissey coming to you today, let's say happy Thanksgiving to every West Virginian," began Morrissey, setting a warm and festive tone for his message. Acknowledging the beauty of the season, he expressed his deep sense of fortune and encouraged fellow West Virginians to take a moment to appreciate the blessings that surround them.
      "This is a beautiful time of year, and I feel very fortunate. This is a time that we celebrate faith. We celebrate fellowship, and we celebrate family," Morrissey remarked, underlining the significance of Thanksgiving as a time for spiritual reflection, camaraderie, and spending quality moments with loved ones.
      Sharing his personal affinity for Thanksgiving, Morrissey revealed, "I've always been thankful to take part in Thanksgiving rituals. It's my favorite holiday because whatever the state of affairs in your life, you gotta be thankful." He stressed the importance of gratitude regardless of individual circumstances, highlighting the notion that there is always something to be thankful for.
      Expressing a sense of humility, Morrissey acknowledged the abundant gifts bestowed upon individuals by a higher power. "Everything around you, God has bestowed us with great gifts. And if we're all here today, we should give thanks to him, the Lord our God," he declared, encouraging a collective sense of appreciation for the blessings that unite the community.
      As he spent quality time with his own family in the Mountain State, Morrissey conveyed his gratitude for being in such a remarkable place. "I'm right here in the Mountain State. I couldn't think of a better place to be. God bless you all. West Virginia. God bless our country, and I look forward to seeing you out on the road."
      Closing his message with warm wishes for the Thanksgiving feast, Morrissey extended a cheerful "Happy Turkey Day" and encouraged everyone to relish the delights of the holiday meal. "May you enjoy the great Turkey, the white onions, the mashed potatoes, and everything else that comes with it," he concluded, spreading joy and camaraderie as West Virginians gathered to celebrate this special day of gratitude and togetherness.

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      The "Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee," commonly known as the "Greenbrier GOP," convened for its monthly meeting last Thursday, during which the committee controversially endorsed Patrick Via for Circuit Court. This marked a notable departure from the committee's historical practice of refraining from involvement in primary elections.
      Under the leadership of Chairman Ben Anderson, a troubling pattern has emerged. The executive committee's recent inclination to endorse candidates prior to primary elections raises concerns about fairness within the party. This departure from tradition was evident during the 2022 Republican primary when the committee endorsed candidates such as Senator Vince Deeds and Mike Honker for House of Delegates, sidelining potential Republican contenders and raising questions about the misuse of power and resources, thereby undermining the integrity of the electoral process.
      This issue came to a head during a public showdown at the Executive Committee, where established party rules and bylaws were blatantly ignored. The situation further deteriorated during the 2022 general election, with reports of numerous campaign law violations. Democrat Executive Committee Chairman Paul Detch expressed frustration over these violations, shedding light on a worrisome trend within the GOP.
      Even within the party itself, concerns have been acknowledged. The "Greenbriar County Republican Club," known for its neutrality in primary elections as outlined in its bylaws, underwent changes earlier this year due to the Executive Committee's actions. Previously committed to remaining impartial, the club altered its bylaws in response to the confrontations of 2022.
      Club President Gordon Campbell has consistently emphasized the importance of neutrality, emphasizing that elections should be decided by the voters. However, a stark contrast exists within the Republican Executive Committee, where increased involvement in primary elections has become a growing trend. Many Republicans are now expressing their apprehension about the committee's interference, fearing that donor funds may be directed towards influencing primary outcomes.
      This potential shift in the use of donor money has raised alarms, sparking concerns about a financial clash between the Executive Committee and the Republican Club. Such a scenario could result in the wasteful expenditure of thousands of dollars, resources that could be better utilized in general elections. This situation has not gone unnoticed by Democrats, who find amusement in the internal strife within the Republican ranks. As the Greenbrier GOP faces these internal challenges, it remains to be seen how the party will address these concerns and uphold the principles of fair and transparent elections.
      Source: https://woay.com/new-candidate-for-the-circuit-court-announced-at-greenbrier-gop-meeting/?fbclid=IwAR2HAlg6W6OvJ51JYXmEdZz833_bQbJ8kOT0jFlFp05ACghfnoWHZ75ai1o

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      The Greenbrier County Republican Club recently held its monthly meeting on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at the fellowship hall of the Old Stone Presbyterian Church. The evening was marked by the presence of Senator Ryan Weld, who graced the gathering as the guest speaker. Senator Weld is a candidate for the Republican nomination for West Virginia Attorney General in the forthcoming 2024 elections. This event continued the club's tradition of hosting statewide candidates at their monthly meetings, offering attendees unique insights into Senator Weld's vision and plans for the Attorney General's office.
      One key focus of the Greenbrier County Republican Club is strengthening community engagement. Club President, Gordon, emphasized the importance of becoming more involved in local activities. He suggested that every member of the club, and even local citizens, should serve as ambassadors, promoting the county to businesses and investors.
      In line with this mission, the club is working in collaboration with the Greenbrier County Democratic Women's Club to organize a charitable food drive. The food drive aims to provide support to local food banks and contribute to the well-being of the community during the holiday season.
      The club is gearing up for a December 8th dinner event, a significant highlight on their calendar. This dinner will closely resemble their successful spring dinner, with a few exciting additions. The event is open to club members and the wider community, with club members benefiting from a discounted ticket price.
      The evening will begin with a member-exclusive mixer at 5:15 PM, providing an opportunity to interact with candidates, elected officials, and other notable individuals. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, and the guest speaker for the evening will be Elgine McArdle, the GOP State Party Chair. Her speech will focus on the upcoming 2024 elections and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
      The club is also looking to streamline membership processes and build a year-round membership model. Currently, members pay their dues annually towards the end of the year, causing issues for those interested in joining at different times. The club aims to transition to a system where members can join at any time, providing a more convenient and flexible option.
      Membership dues for the Greenbrier County Republican Club will remain unchanged. An individual membership costs $20, while a family membership is available for $30. With a new online system in development, the club seeks to simplify payments and maintain a consistent and robust membership throughout the year.
      The club is encouraging members to volunteer and get involved in various committees, including the planning committee for the December dinner. The committee traditionally responsible for the dinner event hopes to welcome new faces and fresh ideas to help continue the tradition.
      In addition to supporting the December dinner, members can also get involved with the audit committee. This committee oversees the club's financial records, ensuring they are accurate and complete. Volunteering for the audit committee is an excellent way to contribute to the club's integrity and financial transparency.
      As the club looks ahead to 2024, there are discussions about the significance of the primary election filing period, which occurs in January. Local offices, including County Commission, House, Senate, and Board of Education positions, will be open for filing. Club members are encouraged to be mindful of the filing periods and eligibility criteria, as these local offices play crucial roles in shaping the community and its future.
      Overall, the Greenbrier County Republican Club is gearing up for a productive year. By prioritizing community engagement, supporting charitable initiatives, streamlining membership processes, and fostering participation in local elections, the club aims to make a positive impact on the community and help West Virginia thrive.
      With these initiatives in motion, the club's agenda for 2024 is set, and members are encouraged to get involved, make their voices heard, and help shape the future of Greenbrier County.

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      In the wake of the recent deadly attack on Israel by Palestinian group Hamas, Senator Vince Deeds of the 10th District has issued a statement expressing unwavering support for Israel. The attack, which has resulted in a surge of violence and casualties on both sides, has drawn international condemnation and calls for de-escalation.
      Senator Deeds invoked a biblical reference in his statement, quoting Psalm 122:6, which reads, "We must stand and support Israel - 'Strengthen the hands of those who defend our holy land, grant them deliverance, and adorn them in a mantle of victory. Ordain peace in the land and grant its inhabitants eternal happiness.'"
      The assault by Hamas, which took place on a scale not seen in decades, involved gunmen rampaging through Israeli towns, resulting in the deaths and capture of numerous civilians and soldiers. Israel responded with massive retaliatory air strikes in the Gaza Strip, causing further casualties.
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, "Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known. We are in a war, and we will win it." Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh declared that the assault would extend to the West Bank and Jerusalem.
      The attacks have left both Israelis and Palestinians in fear and mourning, with a significant loss of life and destruction. Hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed, facing shortages of medical supplies and equipment.
      Senator Vince Deeds' statement comes amidst international calls for restraint and de-escalation. The conflict has prompted Western countries, including the United States, to express support for Israel's right to defend itself, with President Joe Biden offering assistance to the Israeli government.
      Demonstrations in support of Hamas have emerged across the Middle East, while the United Nations has urged all parties to step back from the brink of further violence.
      As the situation in the region remains tense and volatile, Senator Vince Deeds' message of solidarity with Israel highlights the complex and deeply rooted issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The path to peace and resolution remains a challenging one, with no immediate solution in sight.

      Source: https://www.newsmax.com/headline/israel-palestinians-gaza-hamas-rockets-airstrikes-tel-aviv/2023/10/07/id/1137360/

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      In a move that has ignited a fierce debate in West Virginia politics, Governor Jim Justice has appointed Jeff Campbell to represent the 46th District in the West Virginia House of Delegates. This appointment follows the resignation of Mike Honaker, who stepped down from his position to join the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security. Jeff Campbell's appointment is not without controversy, as he steps into a district that encompasses parts of Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties.
      Jeff Campbell, a resident of Lewisburg, brings with him a rich professional background. He has been an educator in the Greenbrier County school system since 2001, specializing in Social Studies at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School in Ronceverte for the past 15 years. Additionally, Campbell boasts a lengthy career in radio broadcasting in Greenbrier County that spans nearly four decades. His role as the statistical coordinator for West Virginia University football broadcasts adds further depth to his experience. He holds degrees in Communications and Education from Concord University and was named Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 2019.
      However, Campbell's appointment has not been met with unanimous applause. Some critics argue that his previous leadership left Greenbrier County grappling with numerous challenges for many years. They assert that his close association with Governor Jim Justice has contributed to the county's struggle to receive essential services, including reliable electricity and internet access. Furthermore, they argue that the state's secondary roads remain in a state of disrepair despite the governor's claims of a record surplus, resulting in significant economic losses and job cuts.
      One of the most contentious aspects of Campbell's appointment is his expected stance on teacher unions and education policy. The West Virginia Republican Party has been pushing for the abolition of teacher unions and has taken a specific stance on educational reforms. Campbell, as a delegate, is anticipated to stand in opposition to these policies and defend teacher unions. This ideological divergence has added fuel to the already contentious political landscape.
      Critics also point to growing concerns about woke ideology in the Greenbrier County School District, one of the largest in the state. They argue that Campbell's fifteen-year tenure as an educator has allowed these issues to fester unchecked, and they question his commitment to addressing the interests of local residents.
      In contrast, Campbell's supporters highlight his dedication to education and his extensive experience as an educator and broadcaster. They believe he can bring a unique perspective to the House of Delegates and argue that his long-standing commitment to the community should not be discounted.
      As West Virginia grapples with these divisions, it remains to be seen how Jeff Campbell will navigate the complex political terrain of the 46th District and whether he can address the concerns of his critics while championing the causes he is passionate about. One thing is certain: his appointment has sparked a heated debate that is unlikely to simmer down anytime soon.
      Source: https://governor.wv.gov/News/press-releases/2023/Pages/Gov.-Justice-appoints-Jeff-Campbell-to-46th-District-seat-in-House-of-Delegates.aspx

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      Things are heating up in Greenbrier and Pocahontas County as the fight over the District 46 appointment continues. It all began on August 31st when Mike Honaker decided to resign from his position in the House of Delegates. Since then, the party has been at odds over who will replace him.
      Six applicants applied for the position; however, only three will be considered for the appointment by Governor Jim Justice. To understand how the political process works, one must examine both state law and the West Virginia Republican Party bylaws.
      According to West Virginia State law, the state party must nominate three candidates within 15 days to present to the governor to fill any vacancies. Then, the governor has approximately 5 days to make an appointment. However, the process is not as straightforward as it may seem. When applicants are submitted to the state party, they are supposed to be interviewed and vetted by a committee, but this has not been the case.
      Kyle Saunders, the Executive Director of the West Virginia Republican Party, reviews all applications independently without involving a state party committee. By rejecting three of the six candidates, he has the power to decide who goes to the governor for an appointment.
      This corrupt process has angered some local politicians, including Thomas Perkins, one of the applicants whose application was rejected. He filed an Election Law Complaint with the West Virginia Secretary of State's office, but his complaint was denied, and he was referred to file a lawsuit against the state party in court. Two other applicants also had their applications denied, leading some to wonder if this constitutes election interference within the state party.
      Currently, the three applicants expected to be considered by Governor Justice are Sue Spicer, Jeff Campbell, and Dana Payne. While Sue Spicer and Dana Payne are respectable Republicans, Jeff Campbell was a Democrat until 2020 and previously represented Greenbrier County until he was voted out of office.
      Sue Spicer served as the Chairwoman of the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee and also completed two terms on the West Virginia GOP while successfully running her own insurance company. Dana Payne served as the Secretary for the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee and holds a teaching degree. She also worked as a surgical technician and assisted her husband with his towing business.
      Both women have received endorsements from the West Virginia Federation of Republican Women, which has stirred up controversy and led to reports suggesting that Denise Morrissey, the wife of Attorney General Patrick Morrissey, may have played a role in local politics meddling. However, it appears that the Greenbrier County Republican Club, a local political action committee, was the primary entity seeking potential candidates to fill the vacancy.
      Sue Spicer and Dana Payne are both members of the West Virginia Federation of Republican Women and received a letter of endorsement from the organization, signed by its president, Dr. Jeani Hawkins. Furthermore, under the Greenbrier County Republican Club bylaws, the secretary is required to make its rosters available to the public. It's worth noting that all the candidates share membership in the Greenbrier County Republican Club, with Sue Spicer, Jeff Campbell, and Thomas Perkins believed to be active members and Dana Payne considered a former member.
      Regardless of who is behind these candidates, the deadline for applications closed on September 4th, and we are quickly approaching the 15-day deadline. Consequently, we should know who the new delegate will be by next week.

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      West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, a prominent figure in the state's political landscape, recently addressed the Greenbrier County Republican Club and discussed his role as Secretary of State and his campaign for governor. The club meeting covered various topics, including the recent audit of the 2020 presidential election.
      During the meeting, Secretary Warner acknowledged the importance of election audits in ensuring the integrity and transparency of the electoral process. While he did not go into specific details about the audit, he emphasized the need for thorough and impartial examinations to maintain public trust in elections.
      The Greenbrier County Republican Club meeting also touched upon other subjects, including the involvement of club members at local events like the state fair and the support for Republican candidates in upcoming elections. Several members shared their experiences and insights from participating in various community events.
      One topic that garnered significant attention was the upcoming vacancy in the House of Delegates in District 46. It was announced that Delegate Mike Honaker had resigned his position to become the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security for the state of West Virginia. Several candidates have been nominated for the position, including Sue Spicer, Jeff Campbell, and Dana Payne. Members discussed the process for selecting a replacement and potential ways to support a candidate from within the party.
      The Greenbrier County Republican Club members discussed the prospect of partnering with the Greenbrier County Democratic Women's Club to organize a holiday season food drive. The aim of this initiative is to provide assistance to the needy in Greenbrier County by collecting donations for local food pantries. The logistics and details of the food drive are currently being worked out.
      The club members expressed support for the food drive initiative as a means of fostering bipartisanship and making a positive impact in their community. 

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      So, at the State Fair today, we happened to bump into West Virginia's Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, who is currently running for Governor of West Virginia. In a brief statement, he said that he's met a lot of amazing people from across West Virginia, and West Virginia knows how to put on a show with the State Fair. He added that he's loved coming here every single year, and it's great to just listen to what's on people's minds.

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      In a recent address from the special session in Charleston, Senator Jack Woodrum of the 10th Senatorial district provided updates on crucial legislative matters and state developments that are bound to impact citizens across the state. Woodrum highlighted various initiatives that have been undertaken to improve the lives of West Virginians.
      One significant topic discussed by Senator Woodrum pertains to tax regulations. He announced that legislation has been advanced through the Senate that aims to simplify the process for automobile tax payments. For individuals who have paid their taxes in full on their vehicles, the proposed legislation seeks to streamline the process of availing discounts, eliminating the need to split payments into two parts. This measure, currently under consideration in the House, aims to alleviate the burden on taxpayers while ensuring a smoother experience when dealing with vehicle taxes.
      Another focus of Woodrum's address was the corrections system in the state. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the corrections facilities, he emphasized the need to bolster the workforce within regional jails and prisons. To address this issue, Senator Woodrum unveiled a bill that includes additional pay incentives to attract and retain qualified personnel within the corrections sector. By providing improved employment opportunities and career advancement prospects, the state aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its corrections system.
      Highlighting the development of the southern part of the state, Senator Woodrum proudly shared the creation of a new State Park – Summersville Lake State Park. Situated adjacent to the National Park, this designation is expected to bring numerous benefits to the region. The new State Park not only promises opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts but also opens doors for potential future facilities that could enhance the recreational experience for both residents and visitors.
      In conclusion, Senator Jack Woodrum expressed his dedication to working for the betterment of his constituents. He encouraged citizens to share their concerns and input, inviting them to reach out to his office with any information or issues they wish to discuss. With a focus on taxation, corrections, and state development, Woodrum's address reflects his commitment to positive change within West Virginia.
      For more information or to voice concerns, citizens are urged to contact Senator Woodrum's office directly.


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      In a surprising turn of events, Chris Rose, a prominent figure in West Virginia politics, has announced his decision to withdraw from the U.S. Senate race. Instead, he will be running for the West Virginia State Senate District 2 seat. This announcement leaves Congressmen Alex X. Mooney and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice as the two remaining contenders for the 2024 Republican primary.
      Chris Rose made the announcement on his social media platforms, citing financial constraints and a lack of sufficient support as the primary reasons behind his decision. Rose, who had been considered a strong contender in the U.S. Senate race, expressed disappointment but expressed optimism about his new campaign for the State Senate.
      The former candidate was seen at the Greenbrier County Republican Club dinner earlier this year, where he had engaged with local Republicans, leaving a lasting impression as a smart and direct communicator. Despite the potential he displayed, Rose ultimately concluded that his resources and support were better allocated in the state race.
      With Chris Rose now stepping aside from the U.S. Senate race, the spotlight now shines on Congressmen Alex X. Mooney and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. Both candidates will be vying for the Republican ticket in the 2024 primary elections.
      Chris Rose's decision to focus on the West Virginia State Senate District 2 race pits him against another formidable contender, Mike Maroney. This race is expected to be closely watched as both candidates vie for support from their respective bases and attempt to gather broader appeal from the state's voters.
      Chris Rose's pivot to the state race could shake up the dynamics in West Virginia politics and introduce new variables into the mix. While the reasons behind his departure from the U.S. Senate race may have disappointed some of his supporters, he now embarks on a new political journey with the hope of securing victory in the West Virginia State Senate District 2 contest.
      As the 2024 Republican primary approaches, all eyes will be on the evolving dynamics between Mooney, Justice, and the now determined Chris Rose in the state race. West Virginia's voters will play a crucial role in shaping the state's political landscape in the upcoming election cycle.


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      The Greenbrier County Republican Club welcomed a prominent conservative figure, Mike Stewart, as their keynote speaker during their regular meeting at the Old Stone Presbytery Church. Stewart, a hopeful candidate for West Virginia's Attorney General position, addressed an eager audience of club members and supporters, outlining his vision for the state and emphasizing the significance of conservative values in today's political landscape.
      As the meeting commenced, Mike Stewart took to the stage, exuding confidence and enthusiasm. He emphasized his extensive experience in law and politics, having previously served as a US Attorney. Stewart made it clear that he is prepared to go to battle for West Virginia, armed with a deep understanding of the federal system and a proven track record of fighting back against federal overreach.
      Throughout his speech, Stewart underscored his commitment to conservative principles, which he believes are vital for safeguarding the state's freedoms and values. He expressed his strong opposition to needle exchange programs, advocating for a focus on educating the youth about drug use instead. Stewart also stressed the need for responsible spending, drawing attention to his past success in managing budgets effectively during his tenure as US Attorney.
      Stewart highlighted his dedication to fighting for West Virginia's interests, notably mentioning the pivotal role he played in the West Virginia vs. EPA case, which resulted in increased job opportunities for West Virginians. He voiced his staunch support for the Second Amendment, promising to protect citizens' right to own firearms from any potential government encroachment.
      The candidate also touched upon the importance of community engagement and listening to the concerns of the people. Stewart emphasized the significance of voting records, urging the audience to scrutinize the track records of all candidates. He encouraged the Greenbrier County Republican Club to be actively involved in local events and community initiatives to connect with residents on a personal level.
      Moreover, Stewart stressed the need to invest in the future leaders of West Virginia. He expressed his commitment to mentorship programs and educational initiatives that will empower the youth to take an active role in shaping the state's future.
      The audience responded enthusiastically to Mike Stewart's speech, appreciating his candid and impassioned approach. Members of the Greenbrier County Republican Club praised his firm stance on conservative values and his determination to uphold West Virginia's interests.
      Mike Stewart's appearance at the Greenbrier County Republican Club's meeting left a lasting impression on the attendees. As the campaign for the position of West Virginia's Attorney General gains momentum, Stewart's commitment to conservative principles, community engagement, and fostering future leaders is sure to play a crucial role in shaping the state's political landscape. With the support of the Greenbrier County Republican Club and other conservatives, Stewart stands as a strong contender in the race to become West Virginia's next Attorney General.

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      Last week, news broke that Mike Honaker had resigned as the director of Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management, just days before West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was set to announce the new West Virginia State Police Superintendent.
      Speculation arose that Mike Honaker was on the shortlist for the superintendent position, but Governor Jim Justice appointed Jack Chambers on July 19th as the new full-time superintendent of the West Virginia State Police. This left one lingering question: why did Mike Honaker resign?
      In an email response to the Greenbrier Journal, Mike Honaker said,
      So it turns out Mike Honaker's departure was no surprise, and at yesterday's county commission meeting, the commissioners announced that they are now looking for a new 911 director and dispatchers, confirming Mike Honaker's resignation. But for the time being, the County Commission appointed Paula Brown as the Interim Director for Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
      Despite stepping down from his former position, Mike Honaker will continue to serve the people of Greenbrier County as a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

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      At the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee's monthly meeting, State Senator Ryan Weld, a candidate for West Virginia Attorney General, captivated attendees as he shared his personal journey and outlined his dedication to public service. The event took place with great enthusiasm and provided an opportunity for Weld to connect with the party members.
      Weld, known for his dynamic speaking style, opened his address by humorously acknowledging his Italian heritage, which he credited for his expressive hand gestures. He expressed gratitude to the committee for the invitation and commended the scenic drive from his home in Brooke County to the meeting venue.
      During his speech, Weld introduced himself as a state senator representing the first senatorial district, encompassing the entire Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, with the exception of some river communities in Marshall County. Sharing his roots, he highlighted his upbringing in Weirton and Wellsburg, where he graduated from Brooke High School in 1998. Weld later attended Fairmont State University on a swimming scholarship, graduating in 2003.
      Weld's trajectory took an unexpected turn following the events of 9/11. Driven by a sense of duty, he joined the Air Force Reserve immediately after college. For several years, he served on active duty, being stationed in various locations, including Washington, D.C., Texas, Germany, and ultimately, a deployment to Afghanistan. While stationed overseas, Weld received acceptance into law school at Duquesne University.
      Upon returning home, Weld seized the opportunity to contribute to his community and applied his legal education by serving as an assistant prosecutor in Brooke County. It was during this time that he witnessed firsthand the profound impact of the addiction and substance abuse crisis in West Virginia. This experience fueled his determination to address these issues both from a criminal justice standpoint and by advocating for comprehensive treatment and support services.
      Drawing on his military background, Weld also championed veterans' causes, recognizing the challenges they face upon returning home. He spoke passionately about the importance of mental health support for veterans and sought to create avenues for improved access to care.
      Weld's political journey began when he was approached to run for the House of Delegates. While initially unfamiliar with West Virginia politics, he recognized the opportunity to make a tangible difference instead of merely complaining about existing problems. In 2016, he successfully transitioned to the West Virginia Senate, becoming the first Republican senator from Brooke County in a century. He has since been reelected, most recently in 2020.
      In the Senate, Weld has demonstrated effective leadership as the majority whip, responsible for ensuring sufficient votes to pass legislation. He has also served as vice-chair of the Judiciary Committee and as chair of the military committee. Throughout his tenure, he has focused on combating substance abuse, improving mental health services, and advancing conservative policies aligned with the party's values.
      Looking forward, Weld expressed his desire to expand his commitment to public service by seeking the role of West Virginia Attorney General. He emphasized his leadership skills, effectiveness in achieving legislative goals, conservative track record, and unwavering dedication to the state. Reflecting on the profound impact this opportunity would have, he conveyed his deep love for West Virginia and his eagerness to fight for its best interests in the legal arena.
      Following his remarks, Weld engaged with the audience, offering materials and answering questions, further solidifying his connection with the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee members.
      Ryan Weld's presence at the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee's meeting left a lasting impression, showcasing his experiences, values, and commitment to serving West Virginia. As the campaign for West Virginia Attorney General unfolds, Weld's speech and engagement will undoubtedly resonate with constituents across the state.
      Additionally, Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee took a significant step in addressing any confusion surrounding its role within the Republican Party. The committee prepared a resolution aimed at clarifying its functions and responsibilities within the local party structure. The resolution reaffirms the committee's duty as the management body of the Greenbrier County Republican Party and emphasizes its exclusive authority in decision-making processes.
      The resolution begins by referencing the definition of a political party as outlined in West Virginia State Code. It states that a political party encompasses any committee established, financed, maintained, or controlled by the party, including subsidiary branches, local units, and national or regional affiliates. The resolution further highlights the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee's status as a branch of the West Virginia Republican Party, affiliated with the RNC (Republican National Committee).
      Role of the Executive Committee to provide a clear understanding of its authority, the resolution cites the West Virginia Republican Party's bylaws, which explicitly state that County Executive Committees possess exclusive authority. Their responsibilities include managing and directing party affairs within their respective counties. It emphasizes that the Executive Committee, composed of elected officials elected by the public through the ballot box, is the sole body empowered by law to make decisions on behalf of the local Republican Party.
      The resolution aims to reaffirm the Executive Committee's duty and role as the management body of the Greenbrier County Republican Party. It underlines the committee's exclusive right to identify as the Republican Party and represent it in efforts to expand and increase public involvement. By clarifying its purpose and authority, the committee seeks to dispel confusion surrounding the Executive Committee's functions and enhance its effectiveness in serving the party and the community.
      Acknowledging the significance of broader participation, the resolution emphasizes that the committee does not operate with a mindset where only the twelve elected members make all decisions for the Republican Party. It highlights the need for diverse perspectives and collective involvement from all committee members present.
      The resolution drafted by the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee represents a proactive effort to address confusion regarding the committee's role within the Republican Party. By referencing the state code and party bylaws, the committee aims to provide clarity and transparency, ensuring a better understanding of its responsibilities. The resolution reasserts the committee's commitment to managing and directing party affairs in Greenbrier County and emphasizes the importance of collective participation in decision-making processes. With this resolution, the committee takes a significant step toward ensuring a cohesive and effective Republican Party presence in the community.
      Alot of other great things were discussed at the meeting, including the committee's plans to establish a booth at the State Fair of West Virginia. Tristan Deeds made a special appearance on behalf of his father, Senator Vince Deeds, and said the following: "I want to thank you all for your support. I'm actually here on behalf of my dad, Senator Vince Deeds. Tonight, he sends his regards. He's actually in WSS having dinner with my mother. So, once again, we appreciate your support with that. With that being said, I do want to say something. It's an honor tonight to be joined by Senator Ron Weld. My dad gives his 100% support to Senator Weld. He's a straight shooter, and one thing that I hear from my dad every time he talks about Senator Weld is that if he says he's going to do something, he follows through. That's what we deserve in the Attorney General's office. I am more than confident that he'll be the next Attorney General for West Virginia. Thank you all."
      Finally, Chairman Ben Anderson unveiled his plan for the party to invest in raising money over the next 10 years to purchase a permanent headquarters in Greenbrier County. He mentioned that individuals can donate up to $2,800 to the committee, but the committee can also establish a special building fund, allowing donations of up to $10,000 to contribute towards the goal of acquiring a permanent headquarters.


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      Greenbrier County Republican Club held its regular scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 6, 2023, with special guest speaker Rashida Yost, a candidate for the position of West Virginia Governor. The meeting, held at Old Stone Presbyterian Church, saw a substantial turnout with various club members and guests in attendance.
      The meeting began promptly at 6:30 PM, called to order by President Gordon Campbell. After the initial proceedings, the minutes of the previous meeting held in June were approved. Allie Beard, the club's treasurer, presented the financial report, stating a beginning balance of $11,944.17 and a remaining balance of $11,738.01.
      The highlight of the evening was the introduction of Rashida Yost, the guest speaker and candidate for the position of West Virginia Governor. Yost expressed her vision for a "Fair and Unbiased Governorship," emphasizing her commitment to protecting, upgrading, investing in, and promoting West Virginia. She underscored the need for prioritizing the well-being of West Virginians and their families, stating that her platform, PUIP, focuses on transparency, education, and information.
      Following Yost's speech, the meeting moved on to discuss both old and new business. The members engaged in a discussion concerning a picnic/membership drive, which is currently being planned and will be scheduled after the Fair. Doug McKinney, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee, presented the new Bylaws for approval, centered around the themes of transparency, education, and information. The new Bylaws were approved following a motion by Doug McKinney and a second by Janie Kirk.
      Thomas Perkins provided an update on the club's new website https://greenbriercountyrepublicanclub.com/ and showcased the new seal he had designed. The members approved the seal and allocated $250 for website expenses, demonstrating their commitment to improving online presence and communication.
      Brentz Thompson, Chairman for the Republican Fair Booth, reported on the upcoming ten days at the West Virginia State Fair. The booth, to be located in the WV Building, will require volunteer staffing. Thompson requested volunteers for two shifts: 9 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm. He also announced a donation of $60 from Frank Tuckwiller for Trump cardboard stands. The motion to allocate $450 for the Republican Booth was passed, with Roseanne Shupe seconding Thompson's motion.
      The meeting concluded with Ron Kirk leading the attendees in singing "God Bless America," after which President Gordon Campbell adjourned the gathering. The minutes were officially recorded by Marie Lewis, the club's secretary.
      Rashida Yost, the guest speaker, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to address the Greenbrier County Republican Club and encouraged attendees to reach out to her with any further questions or support for her campaign. She highlighted her dedication to prioritizing the well-being of West Virginia's families and children, outlining specific policies and initiatives she plans to implement if elected as governor.
      Yost's speech touched on a range of topics, including the importance of protecting West Virginia, investing in preventive measures for issues such as drug addiction and mental health, promoting pro-life policies, and improving education and opportunities for the state's youth. She emphasized the need for strong leadership and a focus on the people of West Virginia, echoing former President Donald Trump's "America first" approach.
      As Yost concluded her speech, she encouraged attendees to visit her campaign website, https://www.yost4governor.org/, to learn more about her platform and accomplishments. She also emphasized her willingness to listen to the concerns and ideas of the people of West Virginia, urging them to reach out via email or phone.
      The Greenbrier County Republican Club meeting with Rashida Yost as the guest speaker provided an opportunity for members and guests to engage with a potential candidate for West Virginia Governor, gaining insights into her vision for the state's future. The event showcased the commitment of local Republicans to actively participate in the political process and contribute to the betterment of their community and state.


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    15. Politics & Opinions


      Today, a group of passionate pro-choice activists gathered in downtown Lewisburg to protest against recent threats to a woman's right to choose. Led by local Democrat Executive Committee Chairman Paul Detch, the rally drew more than 20 demonstrators who voiced their concerns and shared their stories.

      The event saw a diverse range of supporters, with drivers honking their horns in solidarity while some individuals shouted obscenities from passing vehicles. Despite the opposition, the activists remained undeterred in their mission to protect reproductive rights.
      Paul Detch, a prominent local figure and long-time proponent of women's rights, took the stage as one of the speakers. Speaking to the crowd for over 10 minutes, he shared his personal experiences and emphasized the crucial importance of a woman's autonomy over her own body.

      Detch, a seasoned lawyer with over 50 years of practice, emphasized his commitment to fighting for the rights of ordinary individuals and speaking truth to power. He highlighted the significance of giving a voice to the powerless and recognizing the inherent humanity of his clients.
      Expanding on his message, Detch asserted, "All mankind is created equal. The milestones we have achieved throughout history have been crucial in measuring the progress of the human race. Women have gained the right to own property, hold office, sit on juries, and vote. However, true equality and freedom can only be attained when women have the ability to exercise dominion and sovereignty over their own bodies."
      He further argued that those who advocate for a pro-life stance must also champion the quality of life for all individuals. Detch firmly stated, "Forced birthers do not hold the moral high ground."
      In addition to speeches and rallying cries, the event organizers distributed free Plan B emergency contraception and informative booklets from the Women's Health Center of West Virginia. The aim was to provide resources and support for individuals seeking reproductive healthcare and to emphasize the importance of accessible and comprehensive services.

      One of the key issues addressed by the demonstrators was the repeal of House Bill 302, which was passed last year following the repeal of Roe v. Wade. The attendees demanded the removal of this bill, which they believe poses a threat to the fundamental reproductive rights that women have fought for over the years.
      The rally in downtown Lewisburg showcased the unwavering determination of local pro-choice activists in defending a woman's right to choose. Their voices resonated through the streets as they called for equality, reproductive justice, and the protection of women's bodily autonomy.
      As the debate surrounding reproductive rights continues, these activists remain steadfast in their efforts to ensure that women are able to make decisions about their own bodies, free from interference and restriction.


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    16. Politics & Opinions


      The Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee held its regularly scheduled meeting on June 8th, 2023. This month's special guest was the honorable Kayla Kessinger, who talked about pro-life values. Kayla Kessinger is a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and a pro-life activist. During her presentation, she talked about her interest in biblical studies and said, "We talk a lot about Abraham. We talk a lot about Sarah, and for good reason. They're the father and mother of our Judeo-Christian faith. But we don't talk about Hagar and her situation."
      She continued to talk about the story. "I think that if God is willing to show up to meet this little girl in the desert and make her a promise that he will provide for her, then it is incumbent upon us who call ourselves followers of Christ to see his daughters where they are in their times of desperate need and step up to the plate and help."
      The whole purpose behind the story was to talk about how abortion should never be considered as an option. She talked about a new app called herplan.org, which helps connect women to pregnancy centers and other resources for women who are expecting.
      There were also other important things that were brought up during the meeting. Executive Committee Chairman Ben Anderson unveiled a new associate member program, which is supposed to offer a discount card that can be used at conservative businesses in the area. Another perk of the Associate membership is access to a monthly newsletter, which will include updates from our elected officials.
      At the meeting, Jack Woodrum was the first to join the new Associate membership program, followed by Mike Honaker and Blaine Phillips. All three of our elected officials spoke to the committee, gave a briefing, and answered questions.
      One of the questions that was brought up was in regard to transgender individuals. Mike Honaker responded, "The legislation we passed last year was to prohibit or outlaw transgender surgery, what some would call transgender-affirming care, to minors. So our position was very simple. The bill was very simple. Don't do this to children."
      Jack Woodrum also weighed in on the matter, and Blaine Phillips talked about ongoing work at the courthouse. The meeting came to a close with Ben Anderson encouraging everybody to sign up for associate membership and support your local Republican Party.

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    17. Politics & Opinions


      In a startling revelation, it has come to light that the West Virginia Republican Party intentionally withheld the findings of a financial audit conducted by the Republican State Executive Committee last year. The memo, dated August 28th, 2022, contained significant revelations about the party's financial practices and internal controls. It appears that the party took deliberate measures to hide the memo and its findings until after the general election.
      The audited memo, which has recently been made public, highlights a series of concerning findings regarding the financial management of the West Virginia Republican Party. The memo also sheds light on the true reason behind Ben Anderson's resignation as the West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee Treasurer.
      Previously, in September of last year, Ben Anderson, who is the chairman of the Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee, announced his resignation as the state party treasurer, citing a conflict of interest in sending money from the state party to local committees. However, it has now been revealed that this statement was a fabrication, and the real reason for his resignation was the damaging financial audit.
      The audit findings, as summarized in the memo, revealed several alarming issues within the party's financial practices. Firstly, it was discovered that the accounting software used to record the party's books for 2021 had been lost due to Mr. Anderson's laptop crashing, with no backups available. This meant that no auditing procedures could be performed on 2021 disbursements.
      Additionally, the audit uncovered a lack of documentation for expenses, with checks written without proper source documentation and recurring charges without adequate records. The Treasurer had also skipped several checks when disbursing funds, and three blank checks were found among papers in a box, raising concerns about internal control over the check stock.
      Furthermore, discrepancies were found between the revenues reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Form 3X and the actual deposits into the party's bank accounts. Cash on hand, as reported to the FEC, did not match the bank statements or reconciliations for the months tested. These inconsistencies were not adequately explained by the party.
      The memo also provided a series of recommendations to address the identified issues, including recreating the books for 2021, maintaining proper documentation for expenses, implementing sequential check usage, reviewing Form 3X thoroughly, and ensuring cash on hand matches bank statements.
      The decision to withhold the memo and its findings until after the general election raises serious concerns about transparency and accountability within the West Virginia Republican Party. By concealing this critical information, the party leadership deprived voters of vital insights that could have influenced their decision-making process during the election.
      The disclosure of this concealed audit memo highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability within political organizations. It also raises questions about the ethical practices and integrity of the West Virginia Republican Party. As these revelations come to light, the party must address these concerns promptly and take appropriate steps to restore trust among its members and the wider public.
      It remains to be seen how the West Virginia Republican Party will respond to these revelations and what actions will be taken to rectify the identified issues. The party leadership now faces a significant challenge in restoring public confidence in their financial management and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within their ranks.
      WV GOP Audit Memo 8-28-22
      Log in to see the original documents below.

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    18. Politics & Opinions


      J.B. McCuskey is currently a candidate for West Virginia Governor and serves as the state auditor. During the Q&A section, McCuskey was asked a series of questions regarding education, school safety, internet access, and childcare.
      In terms of club news, Douglas McKinney provided the club with an update regarding the new bylaws that are being written. Gordon Campbell stated that the club will move forward with its communication strategy, which includes setting up a website and implementing related initiatives.
      It was also announced that the club intends to focus more on public education and will continue to hold educational forums featuring guest speakers. Senator Jack Woodrum will be holding a fundraiser on June 13th. Additionally, the club hopes to organize a picnic before the State Fair, where local officials and county commissioners will have the opportunity to address the public.
      The club is still actively seeking volunteers to assist with the State Fair. The next club meeting, scheduled for July 6th, will feature special guest speaker Rashida Yost, a gubernatorial candidate.

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    19. Politics & Opinions


      On June 5th, 2023, the White Sulphur Springs Community Center will host a Meet the Candidates event from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The event aims to introduce the three mayoral candidates, two recorder candidates, and eight City Council candidates to the community. The event will be hosted by the Rotary Club, and residents are encouraged to attend and learn about the candidates.


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    20. Politics & Opinions


      The Greenbrier County Republican Executive Committee held its monthly meeting at Shoney's in Lewisburg, in a private room. Old business included filling a female vacancy for the Eastern District and appointing a new secretary. New business included overhauling the Committee Bylaws and planning an upcoming fundraising dinner. The committee also established a new subcommittee to plan parades for the year, and several elected officials, including Representative Mike Honaker, provided updates.

      During the meeting, the committee unveiled a new elephant purchased by the committee chairman for an estimated $1200 to represent the Executive Committee in upcoming parades. But it's also important to notice that the committee did not approve the purchase. Additionally, according to a source, the chairman also launched a personal attack against Former State Senate candidate Thomas Perkins, referring to him as a Republican rhino and gun grabber.

      Upon hearing this information, Thomas Perkins made a special appearance towards the end of the meeting, which was abruptly adjourned by the chairman. In a public statement on Twitter, Perkins disputed the chairman's claims, saying that he is not a Republican rhino or gun grabber and criticized Jim Justice's for giving $300 million to "form energy," a type of corporate welfare, and Senator Shelley Moore Capito's support for red flag laws. It is also worth noting that Thomas Perkins is affiliated with Greenbrier Journal.

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    21. Politics & Opinions


      Senator Vince Deeds was the keynote speaker at the Greenbrier County Republican Club's monthly meeting on May 4, 2023. The meeting was held at the Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg, West Virginia, and saw Senator Deeds giving an insightful presentation on recent legislative actions.
      During his presentation, Senator Deeds spoke about the recent historical tax cuts that were approved, which amounted to $770 million. He also answered questions from the audience, providing valuable insights into the current political and economic climate of West Virginia.

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    22. Politics & Opinions


      More than a dozen people gathered in downtown Lewisburg today at the Green Square to protest early Christmas decorations. One Democratic activist climbed onto a rock and began chanting. After his short, unorganized speech, I approached him to ask the reason for his protest today. His response was, "Just protesting to protest. Nothing in particular." The protest essentially served no purpose other than for Democrats to practice their ability to organize.


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    23. Politics & Opinions

      The Greenbrier County Republican Club hosted its annual fundraising dinner at Dutch Haus Restaurant. This year's theme was "Save America." The evening started off with club president Gordon Campbell taking to the podium and thanking everybody for attending and supporting the Greenbrier County Republican Club. Then, Capt Bill Horn was asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

      Gordon Campbell
      After the Pledge of Allegiance, Ron Kirk came to the floor to lead the club in singing our national anthem. Then, Club Chaplain Brentz Thompson was asked to lead the club in prayer before starting off the event. To kick things off, Gordon Campbell said, "We were blessed to have so many elected officials with us tonight," and he was going to try and introduce some of them.
      Some of the elected officials that were attending, as well as some of the candidates seeking office, included Chris Rose, Patrick Morrisey, Lowell Rose, Tammy Tincher, Jeff Davis, Jamie Baker, J.B. McCuskey, Chris Miller, Kent Leonhardt, Mike Stuart, Dan Greer, and Mac Warner Representative.

      Chris Rose for U.S. Senate
      Club officials included President Gordon Campbell, VP Doug McKinney, VP Doug Beard, VP Judith Coughlin, Secretary Marie Lewis, Treasurer Allie Beard, and Club Chaplain Brentz Thompson.
      One of the unannounced speakers of the evening happened to be Larry Pack, who is an advisor to West Virginia Governor and West Virginia's National Committee Representative. Larry Pack wanted to talk a little bit about the Republican National Committee and the work that they are currently doing.

      Larry Pack
      As of right now, he noted that they have between 55 and 56 lawsuits nationwide regarding election integrity in 15 different states. Most of the lawsuits are currently in purple and blue states, and all they're trying to do is just get the states to follow their own laws.
      He also talked a little bit about how they're getting ready for the 2024 Republican National Convention, which will be in Milwaukee, WI. He pointed out that we need to take back the majority in the US Senate, and there's no place to get to that 51 other than West Virginia. So, the amount of resources and advertising that's going to be coming into West Virginia is going to be enormous, and 2024 is going to be the year that we retire Joe Manchin.
      So, after Larry Pack finished speaking, dinner was served. Dinner consisted of steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls, and sweet tea. There was also a cash bar available.

      At 7:30, Gordon Campbell decided to continue with the program for the evening. He announced a 50/50 raffle for those who wanted a chance. Afterwards, Gordon discussed a new award that is being introduced into the club. The award is called the Marianne Brewster Volunteer of the Year Award, presented by the Greenbrier County Republican Club.
      The award itself is deserving and special, and one of the great legacies of the club is volunteerism, and it was presented to Faye Dunford. Chris Brewster, the son of Marianne Brewster, came up and spoke to the audience about the importance of volunteerism. He talked about his mother's legacy.
      Chris Brewster talked about when his mother decided to run for Congress in 1988. She was a divorced woman and mother of two. She was in her kitchen and decided that she was going to run for Congress. Well, believe it or not, that wasn't popular. Nobody backed her, but she had a message and she had will. Generosity and volunteering were her main things, and that's what this award is about. Thank you, Faye Dunford.

      Faye Dunford
      The final scheduled speaker was West Virginia's Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey. He spoke for approximately 20 minutes before taking questions from the audience.
      Morrisey began by stating that he wanted to discuss the challenges facing West Virginia in the years 2022 and 2023. The last decade has been particularly busy for the Attorney General's office, with issues such as the opioid epidemic, Medicaid fraud, and consumer fraud. Additionally, Morrisey mentioned his daily work of suing President Biden's administration, particularly as Washington attempts to impact West Virginia jobs.
      As Attorney General, a significant part of Morrisey's job is to defend laws passed by the state legislature. Currently, the office is defending the most recent abortion law in court. Morrisey stressed the importance of defending the most innocent in society, stating that innocent babies deserve a voice.
      He also spoke about how West Virginia is number one per capita in opioid settlements due to its litigation efforts. Fentanyl is a significant concern, as West Virginia has the highest number of fentanyl overdose-related deaths in the country. Morrisey emphasized the need to address this issue.

      Patrick Morrisey
      West Virginia is a state with much potential, according to Morrisey. The state is located within 10 hours of 180 million people and boasts natural beauty. He called for strong leadership in all offices to ensure that West Virginia makes the most of its opportunities.
      Morrisey also spoke about the indictment of President Trump by a "woke" prosecutor, stating that this is not how the rule of law works in the country. He compared what is happening in Manhattan to what a Banana Republic would do, emphasizing that President Trump is being treated unfairly.
      After taking questions from club members and the audience, Kent Leonhardt, West Virginia's Agriculture Commissioner, also responded to a question. The evening concluded with the 50/50 raffle and special thanks given to the dinner committee and its chairman, Doug McKinney.

      Kent Leonhardt
      Finally, Gordon Campbell said, "If you like what we're selling, join the club. The Greenbrier County Republican Club is alive and well, and we are growing." He encouraged everybody who likes what they're hearing and what they're seeing to join the club and be part of the team.
      Anybody who is interested in joining the club or learning more about it is welcome to come to club meetings. Club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM in the Activities Room of the Old Stone Presbyterian Church.

      The Greenbrier County Republican Club will also host its annual Christmas dinner on December 8th, 2023, at the Dutch Haus Restaurant. Finally, the dinner closed with the singing of "God Bless America." Some of the sponsors for the evening included Webster's Greenhouse, 219 Service Center, Cherry Lane Auto Sales, Mama Faye's Fudge and Confections, Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast, West Virginia Federation of Republican Women, Hedrick's Customs LLC, PostNet, West Virginia Insurance Agency, Hallason Insurance Group, Park Center Sporting Goods, WSSGBRS LLC, Lewee's Liquor Shoppe, and JTM Enterprises.

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    24. Politics & Opinions


      It is official as of April 27th, 2023, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has announced that he is officially running for the United States Senate. The announcement took place in White Sulphur Springs, WV, at the Greenbrier Resort.
      The evening started off with Jim Justice's wife, Cathy Justice. She began by giving special thanks to the Greenbrier Resort employees who had worked hard to make the resort shine for the special occasion. She then spoke about Shelley Moore Capito and how the two families had met several years ago when their daughters were playing high school volleyball. Afterward, she invited Shelley Moore Capito to the stage.

      Shelley Moore Capito began by saying that the Justices care about West Virginia and its people. She talked about some of the things she had worked on with the Governor as a U.S. Senator, such as economic development, broadband, and the COVID response, and expressed her belief that they would make a great team in Washington.
      Next up was South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

      So, Lindsey Graham opened up the evening with a joke by saying, 'This is the highlight of my life. I get to introduce BabyDog.' He then went on to discuss the radical left and their stance on abortion, stating that they want to fund it up to the moment of birth.
      After his address, Governor Justice came out on stage and shook hands with Lindsey Graham.

      So, shortly after Governor Justice took his seat, BabyDog appeared on stage. The Governor remarked, 'You'll always take center stage.' Afterwards, he went on to thank Senator Lindsey Graham and Shelley Moore Capito.
      Afterwards, he announced, "Tonight, I am officially announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate, and I promise to you and God above that I will do a job that will make you both proud."

      Throughout the evening, Jim Justice talked about his accomplishments and some of the things he has achieved as governor. He also discussed his passion for hunting, stating, 'I have never seen a gun kill anybody, but there are a heck of a lot of people who kill people. We need to address the people component of it, not just the gun component.

      After Governor Justice finished speaking, it was noted that it was his birthday, and everyone in the room began singing 'Happy Birthday' to him. Afterwards, dinner was served to all the guests and visitors. The buffet consisted of salad, rolls, cornbread, spinach, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, chicken, and brisket. I tried the brisket, and it was absolutely incredible with the signature in-house sauce.

      After dinner, I took the liberty to explore the Greenbrier and walk around the venue. Amongst our local elected officials, I bumped into Representative Mike Honaker. Who was chatting with local first responders about ongoing issues with our emergency services.
      Other local officials that I saw at the event included State Senator Vince Deeds, County Clerk Robin Loudermilk, Executive Committee Chairman Ben Anderson, and Executive Committee Vice Chairman Trey Ewing. I also recognized several former elected officials, and some members of the West Virginia Legislature was present.

      I also bumped into former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who was at The Greenbrier for a Senate workshop. Overall, it was a great evening at The Greenbrier Resort, except for the protesters outside and the extremely high police presence and roadblocks.


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    25. Politics & Opinions


      Fox News, one of the most trusted names in news, has decided to terminate one of its top news anchors, Tucker Carlson. This comes just a week after Fox News paid nearly a $787 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems over allegations of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.
      Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and popular political commentator at Fox News, was just terminated last week. As the Democrat establishment is in full swing at Fox News, taking control over the network.
      Many Fox News viewers were absolutely outraged at the settlement, calling for boycotts against Fox News. Since the 2020 presidential election, there have been numerous audits and investigations into allegations of election fraud. Just earlier this week, the state of Virginia discovered nearly 19,000 dead people on voter rolls, Bringing light to the issue of election fraud in Virginia.
      The allegations made by the Trump campaign continue to highlight the issue of voter fraud nationwide, as many states continue to check voter rolls and find problems with their voting systems. Establishment Republicans continue to push the narrative that there's nothing wrong with our election system, fearing that it could potentially undermine our election and create low voter turnout among Republicans.
      Just since earlier today when Fox News made the announcement to fire Tucker Carlson, Fox stocks have tanked by nearly 2% as Fox viewers cancel subscriptions and turn off the network. Newsmax and One America News Network are Fox News alternatives that have been rapidly growing in popularity among conservatives.
      Now, with the termination of Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino, some are questioning whether Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham will be next. But till then you can continue to expect rapid growth at Newsmax along with other conservative news outlets.

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    26. Politics & Opinions


      West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is expected to make a major announcement this Thursday, April 27th, at 5:00 PM at the Greenbrier Resort. While the details of the announcement are being kept under wraps, many are speculating that Justice will announce his intention to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Joe Manchin.
      Speculation about Justice's potential bid for the Senate has been mounting in recent weeks, and the Governor has done little to quell rumors of his interest in the race. A wealthy businessman and former Democrat who switched to the Republican Party in 2017, Justice has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and his policies.
      If Justice does indeed announce his candidacy for the Senate, it would set up a high-profile battle between two of the state's most prominent political figures. Manchin, a moderate Democrat who has held the seat since 2010, is widely seen as a key swing vote in the Senate, and has clashed with his own party over issues like gun control and the filibuster.
      Justice, on the other hand, has taken a more conservative stance on many issues, particularly when it comes to economic policy. He has touted his business background as evidence that he can help create jobs and boost the state's economy, and has been a strong supporter of Trump's efforts to roll back regulations and cut taxes.
      For now, though, all eyes are on Justice and his upcoming announcement. If he does indeed announce his candidacy for the Senate, it would mark a major shakeup in West Virginia politics and set the stage for one of the most closely watched races of the 2024 general election.

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