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  • Greenbrier County Commission Advances Key Infrastructure Projects and Partnerships

    In a recent session, the Greenbrier County Commission addressed critical infrastructure upgrades and collaborative initiatives that promise to enhance public safety and services throughout the region.

    The Commission delved into a comprehensive upgrade plan for the county's emergency services, with a primary focus on the 911 call-taking system and radio dispatch infrastructure. The county's Emergency Services Director, presented a thorough overview of the proposed improvements, emphasizing the urgency due to the aging equipment.

    The proposed plan includes a hardware refresh for the existing Motorola 911 call-taking system, replacing servers and workstations, along with a necessary software upgrade. Additionally, a contract with Motorola involves the replacement of radio dispatch consoles and tower site radios, fostering improved communication for dispatchers and field responders. The plan aligns with the transition to Next Gen. 911, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with neighboring counties and the state.

    The Commission explored a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, aiming to establish a technical support team for various emergency situations. This initiative arose from a recent incident at Lost World Caverns, prompting a reevaluation of response protocols. The Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, known for its expertise in cave rescue, high-angle rescue, and swift water rescue, expressed its commitment to collaborate and adhere to the MOU guidelines.

    The MOU is designed to enhance coordination between the county and the rescue squad, providing a structured approach to emergencies. The Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad has agreed to station its equipment in the county and act as first responders, offering critical insights into evolving situations.

    The Commission took steps to comply with state auditor requirements by establishing special fund accounts for the County Fire Protection Fund (Fund 41) and the County EMS Salary Enhancement Fund (Fund 42). These funds will streamline the distribution of resources to fire departments and EMS services across the county, ensuring transparent financial management.

    In addition, the Commission revisited the resolution related to the opioid settlement funds (Fund 40), correcting an oversight in the earlier resolution. This fund will play a vital role in addressing the impact of the opioid crisis within the county.

    These strategic measures aim to strengthen Greenbrier County's emergency response capabilities, foster collaboration with external partners, and optimize the allocation of financial resources for essential services.

    As the Commission moves forward with these initiatives, the community can anticipate improved emergency response systems, enhanced technical support, and a more resilient infrastructure that prioritizes public safety.


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