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  • County Leader Testifies on the Vital Role of EPA Brownfields Program in Community Revitalization

    Tammy Tincher, President of the Greenbrier County Commission and a prominent advocate within the National Association of Counties (NACo), delivered compelling testimony before the Subcommittee today, emphasizing the pivotal role played by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program in rejuvenating communities, both urban and rural, across the nation. This hearing, presided over by Chair Johnson and Ranking Member Tonko, focused on the critical significance of the Brownfields Program to counties and the pivotal part counties play in brownfield redevelopment efforts.

    In her opening remarks, Ms. Tincher expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to address the Subcommittee, recognizing the substantial impact the EPA Brownfields Program has on safeguarding the environment, public health, and bolstering local economies. She also acknowledged Chair Rodgers and Ranking Member Pallone for their leadership in advancing this crucial issue at the full committee level.

    With Greenbrier County, West Virginia, serving as her home base, Ms. Tincher serves in various leadership and advocacy capacities for NACo, including Vice Chair of the Rural Action Caucus and Chair of the Membership Standing Committee. Her testimony, therefore, carried significant weight as she spoke on behalf of NACo.

    The heart of Ms. Tincher's testimony centered on the transformative potential of the EPA Brownfields Program. She articulated that this program has consistently proven itself as a vital tool for local governments grappling with vacant and abandoned sites. The redevelopment of these sites, according to Ms. Tincher, holds the key to reinvigorating entire communities and stimulating their economies.

    Ms. Tincher passionately conveyed the multifaceted benefits of brownfields redevelopment, emphasizing that it can stimulate economic growth, safeguard public health, and protect the environment, all while generating well-paying jobs. Across the nation, both urban and rural counties regard the EPA Brownfields Program as an indispensable catalyst for the revitalization of such sites.

    In her closing remarks, Ms. Tincher expressed deep gratitude to the Subcommittee for the opportunity to testify, emphasizing that counties widely recognize the EPA Brownfields Program as an integral component of the intergovernmental partnership aimed at driving economic development, job creation, environmental protection, and public health.

    In a concluding call to action, Ms. Tincher urged the Subcommittee to reauthorize the Brownfields Program, underlining the importance of its continued support in community revitalization efforts.

    Ms. Tincher's compelling testimony sheds light on the indispensable role played by the EPA Brownfields Program in transforming derelict sites into thriving hubs of economic activity and environmental restoration. As this issue gains prominence on Capitol Hill, it remains to be seen how lawmakers will respond to her impassioned plea for continued support and reauthorization of this essential program.

    Witness Testimony: https://d1dth6e84htgma.cloudfront.net/09_27_23_ENV_Testimony_Tincher_d55032ab2e.pdf

    Source: https://energycommerce.house.gov/events/environment-manufacturing-and-critical-materials-subcommittee-legislative-hearing-revitalizing-america-through-the-reauthorization-of-the-brownfields-program

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