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  • Gun Discovered at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School Raises Concerns about Safety Protocols

    Eastern Greenbrier Middle School faced a security scare on May 10th when an unloaded gun was discovered in a student's backpack. While no immediate danger was present, the incident has raised questions among parents regarding the school's response and safety protocols. Some parents argue that any weapon discovery should prompt an immediate lockdown until law enforcement gives an all-clear signal. However, the school's handling of the situation did not align with these expectations.

    The incident came just over a month after West Virginia's Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, visited Lewisburg on April 7th. During a Q&A session with the Greenbrier Journal and other reporters, Morrisey, who is currently running for governor, was asked about school safety. His response emphasized the need for physical defense within schools, stating, "I think we need someone in every school that can rise up and defend if somebody comes in. If we're going to send all of these initiatives to the public schools, we should at least have someone there who can defend them physically on premise."

    The discovery of the unloaded gun at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School has brought Morrisey's remarks back into focus. Some parents argue that having a designated defense presence in schools could have prevented potential harm and ensured a swift response to the incident. They assert that lockdown procedures should be implemented as a precautionary measure until law enforcement clears the situation.

    However, the school's administration did not initiate a lockdown when the weapon was discovered. This decision has left some parents frustrated and seeking answers as to why stricter safety measures were not immediately implemented. It is important to note that the unloaded gun did not pose an immediate threat to students or staff. The authorities were promptly notified, and the situation was resolved without any harm.

    School officials have defended their actions, explaining that the decision not to implement a lockdown was based on a thorough assessment of the situation. They deemed the situation to be under control and felt that a lockdown would have caused unnecessary panic among the students. The school's safety protocols were followed, and appropriate measures were taken to ensure the well-being of all individuals on campus.

    The incident at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding school safety and the appropriate response to weapons on school property. While some parents believe that immediate lockdowns are necessary in such situations, others argue for a case-by-case evaluation to prevent undue disruption and anxiety among students.

    As investigations into the incident continue, the school administration has pledged to review and improve its safety protocols. They are committed to addressing the concerns of parents and ensuring the utmost security for their students. Collaborative efforts with local law enforcement will also be strengthened to bolster safety measures and emergency response procedures.

    While this incident at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School has been unsettling for the community, it has also sparked important discussions about school safety and the best approaches to protecting students. The incident will likely serve as a catalyst for continued improvements in security protocols and further dialogue among school administrators, law enforcement agencies, and concerned parents.

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