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      The Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce invites you to an evening of camaraderie, networking, and discovery at The Schoolhouse Hotel's Business After Hours event. Scheduled for Thursday, February 29th, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, this gathering promises to be an opportunity for local businesses to connect, explore, and potentially walk away with some exclusive Schoolhouse swag.
      Located at 125 Schoolhouseway in White Sulphur Springs, WV, The Schoolhouse Hotel will open its doors to the business community for an evening of interaction and engagement. Attendees can expect an array of activities, including snacks, beverages, and a cash bar to complement the networking ambiance.
      Moreover, the event offers an excellent chance to discover the latest updates and offerings at The Schoolhouse Hotel. Guests are encouraged to take part in guided tours to explore the unique features and amenities of this historic establishment.
      A highlight of the evening will be the chance to win a coveted Schoolhouse swag basket. Every attendee will have the opportunity to participate, adding an element of excitement to an already vibrant gathering.
      Business After Hours events are renowned for fostering connections, partnerships, and collaborations within the local business ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding startup, or a representative of a larger corporation, this event offers a platform to exchange ideas, forge new relationships, and expand your professional network.
      To learn more about The Schoolhouse Hotel and this upcoming event, visit TheSchoolhouseHotelWV.com. Mark your calendars, gather your business cards, and join us at The Schoolhouse Hotel on Thursday, February 29th, for an evening of networking and community building.

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      Kroger in Ronceverte received a shipment of 200 new black shopping carts this Wednesday, as confirmed by a store employee. The decision to replace the aging carts underscores Kroger's commitment to maintaining high standards and enhancing customer satisfaction. This investment reflects the store's strong performance and signals its dedication to serving the community for the long term.

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      Earlier this week, the United States Postal Service (USPS) implemented a stamp price increase, further raising the cost of mailing packages and letters. The move, which has sparked public debate, is part of a series of rate adjustments by the USPS, marking the fifth increase since August 2021.
      For individuals with a stash of forever stamps, the news comes with a silver lining – these stamps remain valid despite the price hike. However, the purchase price for new forever stamps has risen by two cents, now standing at 68 cents per stamp, compared to the previous 66 cents for first-class mail.
      The USPS justifies the latest rate hike by pointing to the need to counteract inflation and rectify the "effects of a previously defective pricing model." However, critics argue that the rapid succession of price increases is unprecedented and has raised concerns about the long-term viability of traditional mail services.
      The recent adjustment follows a postage hike in July and a previous increase in August 2021, when the cost of a forever stamp rose to 58 cents. In the midst of these changes, the current postmaster has unveiled a comprehensive 10-year plan aimed at improving the financial health of the USPS. This plan includes measures such as slowing down the delivery of standard mail to six days, a shift from the previous goal of three days nationwide.
      In addition to the higher stamp prices, the USPS has increased rates for priority mail and ground services by over five percent. While the USPS contends that these adjustments are necessary for financial stability, critics argue that the rapid price hikes may discourage individuals from using traditional mail services altogether.
      The ongoing public debate reflects a broader concern about the accessibility and affordability of postal services in the United States. As the USPS grapples with these changes, questions about the future of mail services persist in an era dominated by digital communication. The impact of these adjustments on consumers and the postal industry as a whole remains a topic of keen interest and discussion across the nation.

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      In an exciting announcement, Dave's Farm Supply has revealed its plans to set up a state-of-the-art feed mill, enhancing its capabilities to serve the farming community. This development comes alongside another significant update - the arrival of a fresh shipment of high-quality hardwood heating pellets.
      As Maxwelton's go-to farm supply resource, Dave's Farm Supply has built a reputation for offering an extensive range of farm and garden supplies. From top-tier animal feed to metal roofing supplies, flea protection products, and beyond, the store has become synonymous with quality and reliability.
      The upcoming feed mill is a strategic move by Dave's Farm Supply to further solidify its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the farming community. With plans to bag its own corn, the farm supply store aims to provide a comprehensive solution for livestock owners and farmers. This new venture ensures a stable and local source of high-quality feed, contributing to the overall agricultural ecosystem.
      In addition to the feed mill announcement, Dave's Farm Supply has also shared the news of receiving a fresh load of hardwood heating pellets. As the winter months approach, this delivery comes as a timely and welcomed addition to the store's inventory. Customers can now count on Dave's Farm Supply for reliable and efficient heating solutions, with a focus on quality hardwood pellets.
      Dave's Farm Supply continues to uphold its commitment to offering the best brands in the market. The store proudly stocks products from reputable brands such as Gibson, Garmin, Chestnut Mountain Dog Food, and others. Whether it's metal roofing supplies in vibrant colors, farm gates for livestock management, or top-notch animal supplies including flea protection and collars, the store has become a one-stop-shop for farm and home essentials.
      Customers can conveniently browse and purchase items from Dave's Farm Supply through their website. The online platform ensures accessibility and ease of shopping, allowing customers to explore the diverse range of products and make informed choices. For inquiries or more information, the store encourages customers to reach out via phone at (304) 497-3030.
      Beyond the farm and garden supplies, Dave's Farm Supply also takes pride in offering propane and propane accessories at affordable prices. Ensuring comfort during the winter months, the store provides quality propane options for homes.
      As a farm supply store, Dave's Farm Supply remains committed to providing the Maxwelton community with a diverse selection of products. From farm essentials to home and garden tools, customers can expect the best in quality and service. Visit Dave's Farm Supply and explore the wide array of offerings that make it the preferred choice for all farm and home needs.
      Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083358190513

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      In an effort to enhance the reliability of electric service, Mon Power has scheduled a planned power outage for Wednesday, January 10, 2024. The outage will take place from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and will affect approximately 400 customers in the vicinity of Lewisburg, WV. It is essential to note that downtown Lewisburg will not be impacted by this planned outage.
      The purpose of this scheduled interruption is to facilitate upgrades to existing facilities, ensuring a more robust and efficient power infrastructure for the affected area. Mon Power understands the inconvenience this may cause and extends its gratitude to customers for their patience and understanding during this essential maintenance work.
      In the event of inclement weather on January 10, 2024, the planned outage will be rescheduled to Wednesday, January 17, 2024. This "make-up" day serves as a contingency to ensure the safety and well-being of both customers and Mon Power personnel.
      Customers within the affected area will receive an automated call to the phone number associated with their account of record. The recorded message will inform them about the planned power outage, its duration, and the rescheduling process in case of adverse weather conditions. Mon Power encourages customers to reach out to their helpline at 800-686-0022 for any inquiries or concerns.
      Mon Power is committed to maintaining open communication with its customers and appreciates their cooperation as the company works towards improving the overall electric service reliability in the Lewisburg community.

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      Alderson residents now have access to cutting-edge internet services as Countryman Communications, a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), announced the launch of new services in the downtown area. The ISP has successfully completed the site build and is ready to provide residents with lightning-fast speeds and the added benefit of no data caps.
      Utilizing the latest technology in the industry, Countryman Communications is committed to delivering an unparalleled internet experience to the community. The company assures residents that existing packages will still be honored, but they are also introducing new packages featuring impressive speeds.
      The newly introduced packages include a 200 Mbps option priced at $100.30 (after tax) and a 400 Mbps option at $110.30 (after tax). These high-speed packages are designed to cater to the increasing demand for faster and more reliable internet connectivity in today's digital age.
      Residents interested in exploring these new offerings can visit the official website of Countryman Communications at www.cmcinc.us. The website provides detailed information about the available packages, ensuring that residents can make informed decisions based on their specific needs.
      Additionally, Countryman Communications is extending these high-speed packages to residents living off Muddy Creek, provided they are within 6 miles and have a clear line of sight. This move is part of the ISP's commitment to expanding its services and reaching as many residents as possible.
      Looking ahead, Countryman Communications has ambitious plans for the future. The company has announced its intention to upgrade other sites to this advanced equipment in 2024, ensuring that more areas will benefit from the enhanced internet experience.
      For further details and inquiries, residents are encouraged to visit the official website of Countryman Communications at www.cmcinc.us. The company remains dedicated to providing top-notch internet services to enhance the digital lives of Alderson residents.

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      The Little General Marathon in Lewisburg on Monday, December 4, 2023, as the culmination of extensive renovations was celebrated with a grand re-opening. The completion of the transformative upgrades, finalized around November 20th, was showcased in a lively ribbon-cutting ceremony, presenting the community with enhanced facilities and a renewed sense of vibrancy.
      The revitalized location now boasts several gas pumps, a fully stocked convenience store, Sam’s Hot Dog Stand, and a Godfather’s Pizza Express featuring inviting dining room seating. To honor the occasion, slices of pizza were made available at a special price of $1 each, offered during two time slots – 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM.
      Conveniently positioned just two miles off I-64 along U.S. Route 219 North, the Little General Marathon and Godfather’s Pizza Express have evolved into a comprehensive destination for fuel, snacks, and delectable meals, catering to the diverse needs of the community.
      Residents and visitors alike turned out in substantial numbers to partake in the grand re-opening festivities, seizing the opportunity to enjoy exclusive offers and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. The noon-time ribbon-cutting ceremony officially marked the commencement of a new chapter for this popular Marathon gas station.
      The completion of the renovations around November 20th not only met expectations but also signaled a fresh beginning for the Little General Marathon, promising an elevated and enjoyable experience for patrons in Lewisburg, further solidifying its place as a cornerstone in the local community.

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      Mon Power has announced a planned power outage on Friday, December 1, 2023, to facilitate essential upgrades to their facilities in various areas of West Virginia. The outage is scheduled to take place between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, impacting approximately 825 customers in the regions of Clintonville, Crawley, Lewisburg, Alderson, and Asbury. Notably, downtown Lewisburg will not be affected by the planned outage.
      Customers in the affected areas will receive an automated call to the phone number associated with their account of record, notifying them of the temporary disruption in service. The message states, "Hello. This message is from Mon Power. On Friday, December 1, 2023, there will be a planned power outage to upgrade facilities."
      For customers in the vicinity of Clintonville, Crawley, Lewisburg, and Williamsburg, WV, the automated call informs them that they will experience two 5-minute service interruptions within the specified time frame.
      Meanwhile, customers in Alderson, Asbury, and Lewisburg, WV, will encounter a continuous service interruption from approximately 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on the designated date.
      In the event of inclement weather on December 1, the planned outage will be rescheduled for Monday, December 4, 2023. Mon Power urges affected customers to call 800-686-0022 for any inquiries or concerns.
      Mon Power expresses gratitude for the patience and understanding of its customers during this essential maintenance work aimed at enhancing electric service reliability. The company emphasizes the importance of these upgrades to ensure a more robust and efficient power supply for the communities served.
      As part of Mon Power's commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, updates and additional information regarding the planned outage can be found on the company's official website and social media channels.

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      In a recent development, Best Buy has issued a recall for approximately 930,000 Insignia™ Multi-Function Pressure Cookers due to a burn hazard caused by incorrect volume markings on the inner pot. The flaw in the product design can potentially lead to overfilling the pot, resulting in hot food and liquids being expelled when the pressure cooker is vented or opened while pressurized.
      The recall, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, involves Insignia Multi-Function Pressure Cookers with model numbers NS-MC60SS8, NS-MC60SS9, or NS-MC80SS9, along with inner cooker pots bearing model numbers NS-MCRP6NS9 and NS-MCRP6SS9, which were also sold separately as replacements. These electric pressure cookers and inner pots come in six- and eight-quart capacities and bear the brand name INSIGNIA on the front as well as a permanent on-product label. The model number of the recalled pressure cookers is printed on the side of the cooker, while the inner cooker pots are black with non-stick coating and embossed markings indicating cup and liter measurements.
      The critical issue is that the incorrect volume markings on the inner pot can lead to consumers inadvertently overfilling the pressure cooker. Consequently, when these pressure cookers are vented using the quick release method or opened while their contents are still under pressure, there is a significant risk of hot food and liquids being forcefully expelled, posing a burn hazard to consumers.
      To prevent accidents and injuries, consumers are advised to ensure that the inner pot is not filled beyond two-thirds of its capacity when pressure cooking. They should also confirm that the lid is securely locked before initiating pressure cooking and ensure that the floating locking valve has dropped before attempting to open the lid while the cooker is pressurized.
      Best Buy has reported 31 incidents involving these pressure cookers in which the contents were expelled under pressure. These incidents include 17 cases of burn injuries, some of which have been classified as second-degree and severe burns.
      The affected Insignia pressure cookers were sold at Best Buy stores nationwide and online at www.bestbuy.com and www.amazon.com between October 2017 and June 2023, with prices ranging from $50 to $120.
      Consumers who own one of the recalled pressure cookers are urged to stop using them immediately and to contact Best Buy for a free replacement of the inner pot and floating locking valve for signaling pressure. Best Buy Purchasing LLC, based in Richfield, Minnesota, is the importer of these products, which were manufactured in China.
      Consumers who have purchased these pressure cookers should check the model and inner pot numbers to determine if their unit is part of the recall and act accordingly to ensure their safety. The recall number for this product is 24-013. Best Buy is committed to providing a safe and reliable shopping experience for its customers and encourages those affected by the recall to reach out for a replacement.

      Source: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2024/Best-Buy-Recalls-Insignia-Pressure-Cookers-Due-to-Burn-Hazard

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      The Greenbrier Journal, a local online news blog, has been steadily gaining popularity, particularly as trust in traditional news outlets wanes. Initially established as a COVID information website on July 4, 2020, during the height of the pandemic, the Greenbrier Journal recently transitioned into an official business earlier this year. Since this transition, we've made significant strides, acquiring over 700 subscribers on YouTube and producing more than 50 videos that cover a wide range of local events.
      While our video content has garnered attention and appreciation, we've observed that many readers are not exploring our video offerings. On occasion, we've shared videos without accompanying written news stories. To bridge this gap and offer a well-rounded experience, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. By doing so, you'll always be in the loop, receiving the latest updates from the Greenbrier Journal.
      Our commitment to delivering quality content remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to the growth of our platform. We believe that providing a multimedia approach to news ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the local events and stories we cover. Subscribing to our YouTube channel ensures you won't miss any of our video content, as we continue to expand and evolve the Greenbrier Journal.
      In addition to our video content, we are equally committed to our written news stories, as they are the backbone of our journalism. We provide in-depth, well-researched articles that cover a variety of topics, from local politics to community events and human interest stories. Our goal is to offer a diverse and comprehensive news experience for our readers, catering to different preferences and interests.
      The Greenbrier Journal is a testament to the power of community-driven journalism, where your support and engagement play a crucial role in shaping our content. We appreciate the trust you place in us and look forward to keeping you informed about the latest developments in our region. As we move forward, we aim to remain a trusted source of local news, both in writing and through engaging videos. Your subscription to our YouTube channel will ensure that you never miss an update as we continue to grow and provide valuable insights into our community.
      Visit our Youtube channel and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/@greenbrierjournal 

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      In an effort to upgrade essential facilities in Greenbrier County, a planned power outage has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 25, 2023, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Should adverse weather conditions arise, a makeup date of November 1, 2023, has been arranged.
      Approximately 165 customers in the White Sulphur Springs area will be affected by this temporary interruption of electrical service. However, it's important to note that Downtown White Sulphur Springs will not be impacted by the planned outage.
      To ensure that affected customers are adequately informed, an automated call will be made to the phone number associated with their account. This notification system aims to minimize any inconvenience and help residents plan accordingly during the scheduled outage.
      The planned power outage is a proactive measure taken to upgrade and enhance the facilities in Greenbrier County, ultimately benefiting the community by ensuring a more reliable and efficient power supply. Residents are encouraged to mark their calendars for the scheduled date and time and make necessary preparations to minimize disruptions during this brief interruption.

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      In an exciting development for the local community, the former Southern States store in Ronceverte officially reopened today under a new name, "Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative - Greenbrier Valley Branch." The grand opening celebration, which kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 AM, marked a fresh beginning for the store that has been a staple in the community for years.
      The Southern States store had announced its temporary closure in July with plans to reemerge as a feed store in September, but today, it was revealed that the new name under which the store will operate, "Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative," reflects its broader range of services and products.
      Located at 608 Monroe Ave, Ronceverte, WV 24970, and reachable at (304) 647-5501, Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative is committed to serving the agriculture and energy needs of the community, much like its predecessor, Southern States.
      The grand opening event, held on October 12th, 2023, featured a range of activities and deals, including sales, food, vendor meet-and-greets, and giveaways. One lucky shopper had the chance to win a "REDNECK BLIND" by spending $200 at the event, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.
      The store will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays. It will remain closed on Sundays.
      Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative - Greenbrier Valley Branch is part of a larger farmer-owned cooperative with locations in Winchester, VA, Oakland, MD, Buckhannon, WV, and Petersburg, WV. The cooperative's history is steeped in serving the agricultural and energy needs of their respective communities. In 2022, these four locations decided to merge, forming Freedom Ag & Energy Cooperative to better serve their communities.
      The newly rebranded store goes beyond traditional agriculture products, offering a wide range of items and services, including home and garden supplies, pet products, animal health supplies, outdoor recreation gear, heating and cooling services, and much more. Additionally, they serve both business and residential customers through their growing energy department, which includes petroleum and propane services.
      With a strong commitment to customer service and community satisfaction, Freedom Ag & Energy Cooperative aims to provide the same great service the community has come to expect from the former Southern States store. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist customers and guide them to reliable products and services.
      The reopening of Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative - Greenbrier Valley Branch signifies a fresh start and continued dedication to serving the community's agriculture and energy needs. The store invites everyone to stop by, say hello, and explore the improvements they have in store.
      For more information about Freedom AG & Energy Cooperative, you can visit their website https://freedomagandenergy.com/ or reach out to them at (304) 647-5501.

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      In a celebration of craft beer, music, and community spirit, the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company's Taproom in Maxwelton, West Virginia, held its grand opening on Saturday, September 30, 2023. The event, which brought together beer enthusiasts from across the region, was a resounding success.
      Located at 862 Industrial Park Rd, the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company has long been a fixture in West Virginia's craft beer scene. With the opening of its taproom, the brewery sought to create a vibrant space where beer lovers could gather, enjoy live music, savor unique brews, and relish delicious food.
      The grand opening festivities featured live music performances by Tessa & Chance McCoy and Corey Lee McQuade, setting the perfect ambiance for the day. Patrons were treated to an array of small batch brews, allowing them to explore the brewery's creative and diverse offerings.
      Foodies had plenty to rejoice about as well, with four food trucks gracing the event. Angelo's Old World Italian Sausage, Kitchen_304, Sage & Lila Company, LLC, and Soul To Soul Catering served up a variety of culinary delights, complementing the beer selection and satisfying appetites.
      For those eager to commemorate the day, the brewery had an abundance of new merchandise available, including shirts. Ann Rodes at Sunshine Graphics played a crucial role in creating the locally-themed GVBC gear, allowing patrons to take home a piece of the experience.
      The taproom's grand opening, which lasted from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM, was well-attended and marked by a sense of camaraderie and celebration. Live music started at 2:30 PM, with Corey Lee McQuade followed by Tessa & Chance McCoy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.
      Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company expressed its gratitude to everyone who joined the festivities and showed support for the brewery. As the grand opening concluded, the brewery announced its return to regular hours, providing a warm and welcoming space for the community to gather and enjoy craft beer.
      Regular Hours:
      Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed Wednesday: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM Thursday: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM Friday: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM Sunday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company's taproom grand opening was a day to remember, bringing together beer enthusiasts, foodies, and music lovers in a celebration of the vibrant local craft beer scene. Cheers to the success of this memorable event!
      Source: https://www.facebook.com/greenbriervalleybrewingcompany

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    14. Business News


      The Alderson Artisans Gallery is pleased to announce the Grand Re-Opening of our gallery on October 7, 2023 from 10-5 during the Alderson Fall Festival!  We are in a beautiful new space!  The gallery has moved across the Greenbrier River to 100 Railroad Ave in the historic Alderson Bank building on the Monroe County side of the river. Enjoy a well designed, multi-room art experience with over 30 talented artisans represented!
      Gallery hours are posted on our website at www.aldersongallery.com . The Alderson Artisans Gallery is a cooperative non-profit organization. 
      Alderson Artisans Gallery
      100 Railroad Ave
      Alderson, WV 24910

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      In an exciting development Cornerstone IGA has announced that it will now carry Heritage Mountain Farm Fresh Eggs on its shelves. These eggs come from a small family-owned farm located in Frankford. Cornerstone IGA took to their social media channels to share the good news with their customers. The post read, "Cornerstone IGA New Product! We are now carrying Heritage Mountain Farm Fresh Eggs! Free range, Non-GMO, and LOCAL! Head over to their page to learn more information on their new small business!" The store's decision to offer these locally sourced eggs aligns with a growing trend of consumers seeking out fresh, sustainable, and ethically produced food.
      Heritage Mountain Farm, as described on their website, is a haven for heritage breeds of dogs, cows, chickens, sheep, and rabbits. The farm's commitment to preserving these breeds and promoting a natural, chemical-free approach to raising livestock has garnered them a dedicated following. They pasture-raise their animals without the use of vaccines and hormones, and their pastures remain free of pesticides and fertilizing chemicals.
      The farm's name, Heritage Mountain Farm, reflects their deep-rooted values and faith. "We started our farm through our faith and love for our children. Our farm's highest values are honor and truth. Our word is steadfast and means everything to our farm. Our customers can feel confident in whichever animal or product they purchase, knowing no corners were cut or shortcuts were taken," say Bonnie and Major, the dedicated owners of Heritage Mountain Farm.
      One of the highlights of Heritage Mountain Farm's offerings is their diverse flock of chickens, including Red Ranger chickens and Golden Comet chickens, both of which are considered heritage breeds. These chickens are NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) Certified, ensuring the quality of their produce and flock. The farm supplies eggs by the dozen to local markets, bakeries, and restaurants in the area, catering to the needs of both individual consumers and businesses.
      Moreover, Heritage Mountain Farm sells pullets that are 14+ weeks old and either already laying eggs or soon to be, providing customers with a convenient way to start their own flocks without the waiting period typically associated with raising chickens.
      For those interested in experiencing the quality and flavor of Heritage Mountain Farm Fresh Eggs, Cornerstone IGA is now the go-to destination. The addition of these locally sourced eggs to the store's inventory not only supports a small, family-owned farm but also gives customers access to a product that aligns with their values of sustainability, quality, and supporting local businesses.
      For more information about Heritage Mountain Farm and their range of products, you can visit their website at www.heritagemountainfarm.com or contact them at [email protected]


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      The final edition of The Ol' Mountain Trader hits newsstands today, marking the end of a remarkable 50-year journey. This beloved classifieds publication has been a lifeline for countless individuals and businesses in the region, and its closure is bittersweet for all who have relied on its pages.
      The story of The Ol' Mountain Trader is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of its founder, Debbie Salango. In the early 1970s, from the cozy confines of her Glen Morgan living room, Salango embarked on a journey that would forever change the advertising landscape in southern West Virginia.
      Debbie Salango's journey began during a time when she was raising two young children and struggling to make ends meet. She sold hand-knitted afghans and babysat to supplement her income. Like many entrepreneurs, she recognized that advertising her goods and services was essential for success. However, the cost of traditional advertising in newspapers was a significant burden on her limited budget.
      "I was there with two babies, and we didn't have enough money to do anything. And I wanted a new vacuum cleaner – and couldn't afford a new vacuum cleaner, or even a payment for one," Salango recalls. The solution to her problem would not only change her life but also the lives of countless others in the region.
      Salango's first step into the world of publishing was humble yet visionary. She produced her inaugural publication: four letter-sized typewritten pages, front and back, stapled together, all for the affordable price of just 25 cents. Armed with determination and a desire to succeed, she ventured into stores, unsure of what lay ahead.
      The response to her fledgling publication was nothing short of astounding. The demand for The Ol' Mountain Trader grew rapidly, reflecting its value to both advertisers and readers. At its peak, the publication boasted over 70 pages filled with classified advertisements, serving as a vibrant marketplace for southern West Virginia.
      The Ol' Mountain Trader holds the distinguished title of West Virginia's oldest free classified advertising paper. It became more than just a publication; it was a community hub, connecting buyers and sellers, job seekers and employers, and neighbors with neighbors.
      However, every chapter must come to an end, and for The Ol' Mountain Trader, that time has arrived. Debbie Salango has decided to retire, bringing to a close a remarkable era of community service and entrepreneurship. The paper's final edition not only marks the end of an institution but also pays homage to the resilience and vision of its founder.
      As readers and advertisers bid farewell to The Ol' Mountain Trader, they will undoubtedly cherish the memories and connections it facilitated over five decades. While the publication may no longer grace the region's coffee tables and storefronts, its legacy will endure in the hearts and minds of the people of southern West Virginia.
      Debbie Salango's journey, from a living room startup to an iconic community institution, is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and the enduring spirit of local entrepreneurship. The Ol' Mountain Trader may be closing its doors, but its impact on the region will resonate for generations to come.

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      Paragon Fine Art Gallery hosted ribbon-cutting ceremony on the evening of September 22, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the vibrant artistic landscape of Lewisburg, West Virginia. Located in the heart of downtown Lewisburg, this new gallery promises to be a hub for creative expression and cultural enrichment.
      Despite inclement weather, nearly 50 art enthusiasts and community members gathered to celebrate the gallery's grand opening. The event featured heartfelt speeches, expressions of gratitude, and an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.
      The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome from the gallery's founder, who expressed deep appreciation for the support received from the community. He thanked Debbie and Mark for their unwavering belief in the gallery's vision and their contributions to making it a reality.
      Throughout the evening, speakers highlighted the importance of art and creativity within a community, emphasizing how it elevates culture and brings people together. Marilyn Cooper, recognized for her pivotal role in initiating the gallery, was lauded for her commitment to bringing high-quality art to Lewisburg.
      The Greenbrier Chamber was acknowledged for its support in making the event a success. Attendees were encouraged to not only appreciate the artwork but also to consider purchasing pieces to support the gallery's sustainability. A remarkable aspect of the event was the presence of several artists whose work will be featured in the gallery.

      Michael Timothy Davis, another featured artist, was recognized for his outstanding talent and the unique Dutch Masters style in which he works. His artwork is set to be included in a Codex headed for the South Pole, part of a remarkable achievement.
      George Snyder, a new friend of the gallery, was warmly welcomed, with his impressive biography and contributions to the artistic world commended. Perhaps most intriguingly, Donald Earley, an emerging artist, announced his commitment to the gallery, exemplifying the magnetic pull of creativity and artistic endeavors.
      As the evening drew to a close, the atmosphere was filled with optimism and the promise of a flourishing artistic community in Lewisburg. Attendees raised their glasses to celebrate the abundance of creative energy and the beginning of a new chapter in the town's artistic journey.
      Paragon Fine Art Gallery is set to become a cultural cornerstone, providing a platform for local and regional artists to showcase their talents, and inviting the community to immerse themselves in the world of art. With its grand opening ceremony, Lewisburg welcomes a new beacon of creativity and inspiration. For those eager to experience the gallery's offerings firsthand, Paragon Fine Art Gallery is now open to the public during regular business hours.


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      Optimum, a leading provider of telecommunications services, has announced the opening of its newest store in Ronceverte. The new store, located at 244 Red Oak Shopping Center, Ronceverte, WV 24970, promises to bring a range of services and conveniences to the community.
      With a strong commitment to serving its customers' needs, Optimum's Ronceverte store will offer a wide array of services designed to enhance the telecommunications experience for both new and existing customers. The store's hours of operation, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, provide flexibility for customers to visit and explore the offerings at their convenience.
      Optimum's expansive suite of services will be available at the Ronceverte store, including Optimum Mobile, Video, Internet, and Phone services. This comprehensive selection ensures that customers can easily access the services they require, all under one roof.
      The store will also feature a dedicated Product Showcase, allowing customers to explore and experience Optimum's latest offerings and innovations firsthand. Whether it's learning about cutting-edge devices or discovering new features, the Product Showcase promises an interactive and informative experience for visitors.
      Customers will also have the opportunity to benefit from device activation services, ensuring a seamless transition when setting up new devices or making changes to their existing plans. Additionally, the store will facilitate equipment exchange and returns, streamlining the process for customers who may need to upgrade or address technical issues.
      Optimum's commitment to environmental sustainability is also evident through its cell phone recycling program, available at the Ronceverte store. This initiative encourages customers to responsibly dispose of their old devices, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly community.
      The grand opening of the Ronceverte store marks another step in Optimum's dedication to enhancing customer experiences and strengthening its presence in local communities. As technology continues to evolve, Optimum remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge telecommunications solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.
      Residents of Ronceverte and surrounding areas are invited to visit the new Optimum store to explore the range of services, products, and solutions available. Whether it's setting up a new connection, learning about the latest technologies, or seeking assistance with existing services, the Optimum Ronceverte store is poised to become a hub for telecommunications excellence in the region.
      For more information about the services offered at the Ronceverte Optimum Store, please visit the official website or contact the store directly at (866) 950-3278.

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    19. Business News


      It has been announced that Southern States in Ronceverte will be shutting down on July 28th. But after speaking with a store employee. The closure is only temporary and building owners plan to reopen as a feed store selling the same products later this year in September. The exact details still yet remain unclear; however, when the business does reopen in September, it will open under a new name at the same location.

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    20. Business News


      We're less than two weeks away from the State Fair of West Virginia, and Greenbrier Journal is excited to be present at the fairgrounds to capture some of the festivities. However, we need your help throughout the course of the fair, as we plan to take a series of pictures and write stories about the event.
      Moreover, we're eager to engage with local vendors who have come to the State Fair to showcase their products and promote their businesses. Throughout the week, Greenbrier Journal is planning to conduct video interviews with various fair vendors.
      If you're a fair vendor and would like to connect with us to schedule a time for an interview at your booth, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We will make sure to accommodate your convenience.
      We hope that everybody has a fantastic time and enjoys the fun at this year's State Fair of West Virginia!

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    21. Business News


      In an exciting development for the craft beverage industry, Hawk Knob Appalachian Hard Cider & Mead has announced its plans to acquire Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. The news comes after Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company's closure announcement earlier this year in March. Now, nearly four months later, Hawk Knob Appalachian Hard Cider has sealed the deal, poised to revitalize the once-beloved brewery brand.
      Hawk Knob Cidery, known for its exquisite range of hard cider and mead products, has been eyeing opportunities to expand its presence in the market. With the purchase of Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, the cidery is set to venture into the world of craft beer, opening up new avenues for growth and diversification.
      The acquisition marks a significant turning point for Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, which faced the unfortunate prospect of shutting down. However, with Hawk Knob's intervention, the brand is now granted a lifeline, promising the potential resurrection of its beloved beers back into the market.
      Industry insiders anticipate that Hawk Knob Cidery's acquisition will not only bring back several of Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company's popular beers but also infuse fresh energy and ideas into the brand. The expertise and creativity of Hawk Knob's team are expected to breathe new life into the brewing company, catering to the diverse tastes of craft beverage enthusiasts.
      The finalization of the deal is anticipated to occur within the upcoming week, pending any unforeseen hurdles. Craft beer aficionados and loyal fans of Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company are eagerly awaiting further details about Hawk Knob Cidery's vision for the brewery.
      With the craft beverage industry experiencing a surge in demand and an ever-growing community of enthusiasts, this strategic acquisition is bound to make waves in the market. As Hawk Knob Cidery takes the reins of Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, the future looks bright for both companies.
      In conclusion, the purchase of Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company by Hawk Knob Cidery represents a fortuitous turning point for the once-struggling brewery. As the deal nears finalization, all eyes are on Hawk Knob Cidery to see how they will blend their cider and mead expertise with the art of craft beer brewing. Anticipation is high, and the industry eagerly awaits the grand reveal of the future vision for what was once Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company.


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    22. Business News


      Tri-County Produce, a family-owned establishment in Ronceverte, has announced that it will begin selling feeds. The announcement comes shortly after Southern States is expected to close its Ronceverte location. Just a few of the feeds that they have already listed to be in stock include cracked corn, Heritage poultry feed, Bartlett complete egg pellets, wild bird feed, and more.
      Tri-County Produce is located at 741 Edgar Ave, Ronceverte, WV. For more information, call (304) 647-5249.


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    23. Business News


      The Lewisburg in Bloom Committee is calling on all community members to join them for a community clean-up day tomorrow, Monday, July 10. The event aims to tidy up the downtown area in preparation for the arrival of the esteemed America in Bloom judges on July 11.
      Starting at 8:30 am and continuing until noon, volunteers will gather at the designated meeting point in downtown Lewisburg. The Lewisburg in Bloom Committee, known for their dedication to enhancing the town's aesthetic appeal, is eager to rally residents and create a cleaner and more inviting environment for all.
      To participate, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own gloves, trimmers, or a trowel. These tools will be instrumental in ensuring a thorough clean-up of the downtown area. Additionally, participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and bring water to stay hydrated throughout the morning.
      Residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the clean-up day. It provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to connect with their neighbors, make a positive impact, and foster a stronger sense of community pride.
      The Lewisburg in Bloom Committee extends their gratitude to all the volunteers in advance for their dedication and hard work. By coming together to beautify the downtown area, Lewisburg aims to create an exceptional first impression for the esteemed America in Bloom judges and reinforce its commitment to fostering a vibrant and visually stunning community.
      For more information about the community clean-up day or Lewisburg in Bloom's ongoing efforts, interested individuals can visit their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/LewisburgInBloom


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    24. Business News


      Rainelle Medical Center recently held its highly anticipated Summer Health and Wellness Fair, an event aimed at expressing gratitude to our patients and dedicated staff, as well as providing valuable resources to the community. The fair, held on Thursday, June 29th, was a resounding success, with attendees enjoying a variety of activities, winning prizes, and indulging in delicious food.
      Participants laced up their walking shoes to partake in the "cake walk" for a chance to win fruit baskets every hour. Engaging group chair exercises were also available on the half hour of every hour, ensuring a fun and active experience for all. Fitness enthusiasts even tested their luck with fitness BINGO, adding an element of excitement to the event.
      The fair featured a live cooking demonstration by RMC's Wellness Works Members, Sarah and Ashley, who showcased two tantalizing turkey slider recipes and a refreshing sparkling strawberry mint water recipe. Attendees were delighted to sample these culinary delights and vote for their favorite. The Hawaiian Turkey Sliders emerged as a clear favorite among the crowd.
      In addition to the engaging activities and delicious treats, the Summer Health Fair offered educational resources on various topics of interest to the community. Visitors had the opportunity to gather information on behavioral health, receive free blood pressure exams, and learn about important subjects such as Narcan administration, Insurance Incentive Information, and Local Transportation resources.
      Furthermore, the fair provided an ideal platform to introduce Rainelle Medical Center's newest addition—the Mobile Access Care Center (MACC). The MACC, a fully equipped RV with three slide-outs, made its debut at the event and garnered significant attention from attendees. It boasts a dental office, counseling room, and exam room, making it a comprehensive mobile healthcare unit. The MACC is equipped with a wheelchair lift, ensuring accessibility for all patients, regardless of their mobility needs.
      Rainelle Medical Center's Mobile Access Care Center signifies a significant investment in improving healthcare accessibility within the community. By taking medical care directly to patients' doorsteps, RMC aims to eliminate barriers to access and ensure that everyone can receive the necessary care and support they need.
      At the fair, attendees had the opportunity to explore the Mobile Access Care Center firsthand through guided tours. The state-of-the-art facilities within the MACC were showcased, underscoring its ability to deliver a wide range of medical services, including routine check-ups, consultations, dental procedures, and counseling sessions.
      Rainelle Medical Center is proud to have successfully hosted the Summer Health Fair, providing a day of celebration and gratitude to our patients and staff. The event showcased our commitment to promoting wellness and delivering high-quality healthcare services to the community. The introduction of the Mobile Access Care Center reinforces our dedication to convenient and accessible healthcare, and we are excited to witness its positive impact on the lives of our patients.
      For more information about Rainelle Medical Center's services or the Mobile Access Care Center, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are here to serve you and ensure your healthcare needs are met in the most convenient and accessible way possible.
      Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmcwellnessworks/permalink/2521285454704215/


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    25. Business News


      Mane Attraction Hair Salon, a beloved establishment in Ronceverte, is set to undergo an exciting makeover under the ownership of Tammy Rhodes. Since purchasing the salon in 2018 from the previous owner, Rhodes has become deeply rooted in the community, and her decision to revitalize the salon stems from her passion for the town's growth and prosperity.
      Prior to owning the salon, Rhodes worked for the Ronceverte Development Corporation and Main Street Ronceverte for over six years, actively contributing to business development and the overall revitalization of the town. Inspired by her experiences, Rhodes decided to open a business in Ronceverte, dedicating herself to helping the community flourish.
      However, the past few years have posed immense challenges for local businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances. Mane Attraction Hair Salon, like many others, faced difficulties during this period. Rhodes, who shouldered the responsibilities alone for an extended time, recognized the need for change and made the decision to bring in new talent.
      To breathe new life into the salon, Rhodes has recently hired three young and highly skilled stylists—Zoe Johnson, Havyn Moore, and Kileigh Boothe. Each stylist brings their own unique experience and expertise to the team, injecting a fresh perspective into the salon's services. With this new lineup, Mane Attraction Hair Salon is poised to attract new clients by offering competitive rates and an expanded range of services.
      The salon warmly welcomes walk-in customers and provides hair cutting and styling services for individuals of all ages—men, women, and children. From traditional highlights, lowlights, and all-over color to vibrant vivids, hair extensions, and eyelash extensions, Mane Attraction Hair Salon covers a wide spectrum of hair care needs. In addition to hairstyling, the salon also offers a variety of other services such as acrylics, manicures, pedicures, shellac, facials, and waxing. Operating hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
      Clients can easily book an appointment by contacting Tammy Rhodes at (304) 661-1361. For more personalized appointments, clients can reach out directly to the stylists: Zoe Johnson at (681) 238-0733, Havyn Moore at (304) 647-8336, and Kileigh Boothe at (304) 673-2976.
      Conveniently located at 218 Frankford Road, Ronceverte, WV, at the bottom of Ronceverte hill on the corner of the four-way stop, Mane Attraction Hair Salon eagerly anticipates its relaunch, showcasing the town's newest talent and an expanded array of services. The salon invites both loyal patrons and new customers to experience the transformation and indulge in a range of pampering and beautifying treatments.


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    26. Business News


      Retail giant Kroger's new self-checkout software update has infuriated many customers, causing people to walk out of stores, cuss out employees, and ultimately leading to screaming children in the checkout area and outraged customers.
      The software update was first released back in early May of 2023. Many store employees were apologetic and said that this issue would be resolved in the next software update. However, nearly one month later, that has not been the case.
      Since then, it appears that a new software update has been put in place, only making matters worse and further infuriating customers. What makes this new software update so bad is that it will essentially cost Kroger millions of dollars and falsely accuse everyday shoppers of shoplifting.
      Let's discuss this software update and how it accuses customers of shoplifting. Normally, when a customer scans an item and places it onto the belt for bagging. However, for bulky items like cases of water or bags of potatoes, customers typically place them back into their shopping carts after scanning.
      But with Kroger's new software update, if an item has not been placed onto the belt, it automatically voids the item. This means that if you scan an item and put it back into your shopping cart, the self-checkout system voids the item without your intention.
      As a result, people are leaving the grocery store with unpaid items, and the question arises: who is at fault? If you scanned your items at checkout, and the self-checkout system automatically chose to void the item, are you at fault or is the self-checkout at fault?
      There are also other major issues with the self-checkouts. For example, when purchasing sale items like meat, the transaction is based on weight. However, the self-checkout system often voids these items as having an invalid price and weight and pushes them backwards on the conveyor belt along with items that have already been paid for. The self-checkout then demands that you remove all items from the belt in order to continue. The problem is that paid and unpaid items get mixed together, leading to customers potentially paying twice for the same item or not paying for the item at all.
      To make matters worse, Kroger's system sometimes automatically voids customers' rewards cards, forcing them to pay full price and rejecting their digital coupons. Essentially, Kroger is scamming its customers and trying to portray them as criminals. Moreover, customers no longer have the option to be checked out by a cashier, as some grocery stores have shut down all cash registers, leaving customers forced to use self-checkouts.
      Over the last several years, there have been public calls for regulations on self-checkouts both in West Virginia and nationwide. However, lawmakers have yet to address the issue, and some labor unions have even called for a public ban on such machines. But one thing is for certain: the public outrage over self-checkouts is slowly growing and only time will tell how much money these new updates will cost the retailer as customers continue to take their business elsewhere.

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