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  • Welcome to the Greenbrier Journal, your go-to source for local news and information in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Owned and operated by Seneca Trail Media LLC, our mission is to provide unbiased and uncensored reporting for the Greenbrier County community.

    Founded on July 4th, 2020, by Thomas Perkins during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greenbrier Journal emerged as a vital resource. With government regulations shuttering businesses nationwide, locals in our area found themselves without access to crucial news and information as local newspapers closed their doors.

    Thus, the Greenbrier Journal was established as an online blog and unregistered business, enabling us to circumvent government regulations and gather information. However, as the pandemic waned, our initial mission evolved, but our commitment to serving the community remained steadfast.

    Today, the Greenbrier Journal stands as a small yet impactful online news blog and news portal website. Our primary aim is to aggregate information from various local news outlets and present it in a centralized location. Additionally, we create original content, covering a wide range of local news and political events, including public meetings, town halls, political dinners, campaign fundraisers, festivals, and more. While we provide limited coverage of incidents like structure fires and vehicle accidents, we consciously avoid interfering with active crime scenes to prioritize first responders' efforts. Notably, we do not cover sports, obituaries, courtroom proceedings, or riots.

    Regarding business-related news stories, we welcome inquiries from businesses hosting events or promotions. We may attend and report on such events or include them in our community calendar if provided with the necessary details. For inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

    In addition to news reporting, the Greenbrier Journal offers various services, including user accounts and blogs, on-site galleries for photo uploads, and discussion forums for community engagement. Our platform, built on Invision Power Board software, prioritizes security and functionality, enabling users to connect and share information freely.

    Unlike certain social media platforms, Greenbrier Journal imposes no restrictions on buying and selling items, provided they are legal. Users are encouraged to utilize our platform for classified ads, including firearms sales, fostering a vibrant and inclusive online community.

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